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I'm wondering why they put out their own app for IOS to fine tune and calibrate the sound, then filed a law suit so soon afterwards. These patent trolls obviously know what patents they own. The way they wait for years to file a law suit, or buy a patent to file a law suit.  
#bdkennedy1 I read reviews that said they weren't that great to reviews that said they were superb. Don't believe anyone, try it for yourself. I'm very happy with my new iMac and to me, the speakers are much better than the ones in the previous iMac. We purchased 3 for our office, and on one I also put the small pair of Bose speakers on it, which makes it almost unbearably loud if I'm not careful but I don't think it improved the sound, which I don't think needed...
The new iMac is a powerful beautiful beast. When I ordered mine it said to expect delivery December31 to January 9. It arrived over a week before Christmas much to my delight. This is the 27" model. You're not loosing anything with no optical drive in the iMac. The super drive is only $79 and can be used with all of your Macs. I have an older PC that came with a portable CD/DVD drive which is huge and unwieldy. It also does not work well, it sticks and lags. The Super...
My iPhone, iPad mini's for the kids and our new iMac came quickly. The 27" iMac came weeks earlier than the Dec. 26th they had said I would have it buy. I'm very happy, as always, never had a problem with Apple online store or in person. 
I agree, poor guy. He worked very hard long hours for a very long time. He earned what he had and more. He lived in a simple family home. He did not lead an extravagant lifestyle.    I think the yacht was a chance for time to relax and get away. He'd been very sick for a very long time and died so young. I think that he'd have given all of his money for more time with his family, to watch the kids grow, and time to enjoy himself a bit.
Mine too! Originally the date had said Dec 21, to Dec. 25 now it's been shipped due to arrive in the next 2 days! Mine was a custom configuration of the 27". I can't wait! 
Actually Steve Jobs said it to his biographer, so it wasn't said in secret.
Don't get all worked up on someone speculating what the TV if they make one, might be like! It was just a comment someone made! My Mac does not have a ticker running along the bottom, why would a TV? 
  Now we only have one Android phone in our home for one of our sons. The rest of us use the iPhone, because we like it! Android users state that only people who are smarter regarding tech use Android. What a thought. All of those using Android are "smarter', not likely. Many, many of us prefer Apple and IOS and that's that! With people saying that Apple winning a lawsuit against Samsung, innovation and technology will be stifled, I think that they should take a...
Spain, Greece, France, Ireland and more are facing great monetary difficulties and almost collapsed economies. It not a surprise that they'd be buying the cheapest phone that they can at this point. Samsung is not tie largest seller of Android phones in many of those areas also. The Chinese have produced very cheap Android phones that are more affordable and in demand for much of that area of the world. 
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