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I agree. I haven't had any whining noise or problems with either our MBPR or MBP 15" models. I'm going to leave them as they are and not upgrade. 
That is how it is here with the kids in our town also.
Not available on our PC Mac or iPhone 5, the maps seem crippled still on IOS Also after trying what you get for Google Maps on my Mac, it showed our home 1/2 mile down to the street, take a right, not out street first house. Not good.
Samsung needs to stay away from imitating every single item Apple sells. They claim they are original want to protect their ideas and innovation. There is none when they do this, it's not the way to do it. They need to develop a revolutionary product of their own to be a leader or show they have any imagination or innovation. They make fun of the smaller smartphone even in their commercials, and they go and make one to try and kill the iPhone. That says it all. So many...
I haven't had unusual or large amounts of data on my iPhone 5 using IOS 6 with AT&T. Make sure and check all of your settings, using cellular is in setting in places that I had not seen it used before and I had to shut them off. If cellular in general is off, are people still having cellular data usage, just to make sure I am understanding the bug correctly? Thanks.
Steve Jobs said: Some mistakes will be made along the way thats good, it means there are decisions being made, and when we find mistakes we'll fix them. We need to support that team. Mistakes will be made, some people will be pissed off, some don't know what they are talking about. 1997 The video is on youtube.    
Why are you here?
I have hated Google for years, before I ever had a smartphone or any mobile device with good reasons of my own. I don't use Google search on any mobile device that I do own or any desktop. It's been reported for over a year that I've read that Google made more money from IOS than it does from Android. They put cookies on IOS devices which was not legal and they paid a hefty fine. Good. The maps app that they gave to IOS users which Apple paid a licensing fee for also,...
I don't think it's a terrible product. The best use that I can see for it would be for students. I know that many have purchased the Wifi only Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire for personal use but they aren't used in the schools.   The school  system has quite a few iPads now in use. We've had great response from parents and others donating iPads too. The mini if there is such a thing is said to be just shy of 8 inches, which is nicer than 7 inches. If the price is lower and it's...
This appears to be true, we have not tried it yet.
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