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I don't have this or other problems I see in articles. I'm sure a few might have problems but this happens with most new devices. Search Samsung problems  for the Galaxy 3, they had more than a few. I'm sure the problems that any have will be taken care of. I don't use Maps so I don't care about those, I haven't looked at them because we have a GPS built into our Jeep with voice. We don't need a phone for that.    I think the haters need to get a new hobby honestly....
I don't mine the first iPad not receiving the upgrade to IOS 6. We kept our iPad 2 on IOS 5.1 also. We only upgraded the new iPad third generation, we have 5 kids so 3 iPads used by 7 people, we have 5 kids, makes sense. Selling one for much less money when we owned them for short of a time did not make sense. The kids have to use them for school too.
I'm tired of "fanboy" comments from Fandroid haters on any Apple article that is written. Get a hobby other than rushing to every Apple post.
This doesn't have a rear facing camera does it?
It kind of stinks for those who already bought the Wifi  only version if they want 3 or 4G, LTE. It's funny how many discussions people have over "rumored devices". I'm glad you put that in Thanks  
I don't think a smaller version of the IPad would mean a budget tablet.
  mcrs really? fanbois? Another attempt be rude to all Apple users? We teach the kids in school not do do this. Bois the plural or boi  use here, which you know the meaning of to spell it the way you did,  Anyone can look the definition up, referencing a persons orientation with a broad label, ugh trying not to post offensive terms, is uncalled for -applying the term to any Apple user. You insult those who the term might apply to and those who it does not. We're...
I'm not familiar with the new Air or MBPR, is this the same connector that is used on them?
I always use search for apps that I want and I pay for something that I want. Sometimes there is a free app that is amazingly good. When you go to "Categories" there are literally 50+ pages to browse in a category. Who has time for that? Not me The zombie apps that I've seen, I've found searching, and they are dated 2009 or 10, have 0 or 1 download, or review, but one thing I do now for any app I guy, is to click the support page, sometimes you get PAGE NOT FOUND, nope,...
I never knew that HP had a webpage where you could buy patents like HTC did.
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