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This is retarded... you can replace the word Google... with Apple or Microsoft with respect to their handsets.   I am sorry but people like this give Americans a bad name... talk about a 1st world problem.   My advice to them is suck it up princess or go buy an iPhone one Windows phone.... there are other choices.
Definition of an idiot:   Someone who will buy a $30000+ car based on their $199+ phone purchase.
The not going to license it. For 2 reasons.1 They had the blessing from SUN Micro to use Java... obviously that depends on who you ask.2 They are not using Mobile Java which Oracle want to force them to use. They have forked the Java stack to suit their requirements which has got Larry's skipper pants in a knot. Good for them to consolidate Chrome and Android it makes sense and it has always been on the cards.
Owning a iPhone or any phone for that matter and assuming it means you have status....like being part of some wealth class, is retarded It does however mean that you probably not technically savvy ,shallow and most likely the last time you went camping was on the side walk near an Apple store. Thinks his cool but is seen by others as a hipster douche that takes forever to type a text message.
They only doing this so that they don't get sued encase one inferior product is linked to another.
I would imagine this is not far from what we already been served in super markets. While not appetizing its still pretty amazing and hopefully will lead to other advancments. Imagine growing new organs for transplanting etc... this is all part of the same science.   However in the mean time I will stick to non-process foods..... but if I had to choose between a franken-burger or a hotdog served at a stadium. It would be frankenburger everytime.
What bull* as a developer myself I perform those mentioned patented tasks everyday. They are just waiting everyone's time.
It's the user's lack of intelligence that sucks the life out of anything smart
Could be because of A: Apple users have more disposable income. B: Apple users are of average intelligence and or gullible, making them susceptible to marketing. C: Android users are content in their lives and don't feel the need to fillit with more stuff. I am leaning towards B for the explanation.
Tallest skil....wow you are deluded.You could go to Android forums bit no-one cares about your Apple baiting. I like AP, as contrary to the name they do cover a broader spectrum of news.
New Posts  All Forums: