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Netbooks were killed by Microsoft....forcing oems to install Windows over Linux and restricting screen sizes to 10in. Basically held the industry to ransom...
Well ... having to test across different engines will suck. However one must remember that the web is forever evolving. Rendering engines will come and go and change. If they improve on the current tech and introduce newer tech... then I say its a good thing
wow...are people really this stupid?
File under.... 1st world problems...with a cross reference to nobody really gives a sht!
Just because you have a chromebook does mean you need to use Google's services. You can use any cloud service available. They just hope to pitch the best service / app ecosystem at you in order to stay. And as as offline apps they do exist with in the chrome OS space.
i love it.... I am so going to use this.
As the article states....the best thing about opinions is that everyone has one. You could of achieved the same result with a laxative.....
Seeing Samsung ad. everywhere was the same as reading about Apple a few years ago. All those useless tech columns used spew every press release and repeat speculation of Apple news. You couldn't turn the page without seeing some random Apple article. I recall at one stage engadget had 17 out of 20 articles on their homepage about Apple. So it has taken millions of dollars to break that cycle. Now you can go to most sites and read a variety of articles ....... choice is...
  Actually the current breed of Android phones are heaps better than the iPhone. What are you comparing an Architecture to a device... do you even understand the difference?   You can splice and dice numbers anyway you want to suit your argument and that is fine.  At the end of the day what does it matter.... does the fact Android out sells IOS make you enjoy your device any less?
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