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I remember when people laughed at the idea of Android phone out selling iPhones. The current breed of Android tablets are just as good as the iPad. The software is lacking but that is rapidly changing. The IDC may have there dates wrong but it's inevitable. However in the end why should you care does it make your tablet less enjoyable?
Well , while you should be concerned with being tracked.... your paranoia is misplaced. RFID is the least of your worries. Your CCard and loyalty accounts are the biggest offenders. Having Google or Apple track your movements is a drop in the ocean compared to what the banks and government have on you.   Every time you go to the store and buy whatever one does your purchase and CCard details are recorded. This information is easily accessible by the powers that be.   The...
I remember the days when the Android fans sites used to discuss Apple products.... now days they don't even bother and AI can't get enough of Android. Maybe this site should be called Android Insider.   Karma is a bitch!
Best selling phone.....is this a my dad can beat your dad moment. Apple's stock price says otherwise!
Last time I checked, Apple did not invent the store front. I think its a fab idea, gives people access to all the available tech. Now you can go to an Apple,Google and MS store. See what is out there and make an informed decision. As for all you sound bite regugitators... when last did you read your EULA on your shinny toys?
Must of been using Apple Maps
only a few years ago the same was said about android phones..... and the same arrogant disbelief was shown. Apple should be so lucky to hold onto a lead till 2016
They doing this to avoid the embarrassment like in Australia when their 4g iPad did not work on the local network. They tried to smooth the fault over by saying Australia's 3g network is as fast as 4g in the US. The competition board did not agree and they had to offer refunds to those that wanted and admit the error. So according to Apple getting a hand job is the same as being laid....nice try. So now they covering their bases by disabling a feature instead of...
been using widgets in Linux for ages now. Another useless patent to clog the system
Goodluck runnig your ERP systems with intergrated security model on your $20 license. Active Directory for one is so pervasive across the corporate landscape its very difficult to achieve the same with other tools.   The unified back office make repetitive tasks easier. Picture you Mac server back end... now ad 30 SQL databases 3 exchages servers, multiple SAP instances and 10000+ user base , a mixed bag of OSes and LANs all over the world administered from a central...
New Posts  All Forums: