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"Oh my god.. how awesome are we? We have out shopped everyone."
While I agree that a decent programmer can materialize an idea.... The last I remember Samsung has not copied any of Apples software it was more on the cosmetics side. Where as Samsung is protecting an actual invention not technological makeup.    However I too am over this rubbish I will but a phone from whom ever meets my needs... for the time being its not Apple however I am always interested in what they do as maybe at some point they are the option for me. I do not...
Why? Samsung probably employs more Americans than Apple, also looking to create manufacturing plant in Texas. The probably doing more for the US economy than Apple.   Banning either seems stupid and childish. If you ban Samsung are you talking about all their products? as pretty much most of the HW in the iDevices are made by Samsung ( for the time being ).   If you feel that strongly about Samsunf don't buy their products... and if you fanatically hate them go...
Actually its Apples lack of innovation requiring Moto's patents.
My god... how insecure must iPhone users be?. The first whiff of them not having the most popular phone and then all the conspiracy theories come out. Who gives a $h1t who is selling what... you should just be happy with the device you have regardless. I suppose you guys are still getting use to the fact that the iPhone is no longer the best handset out there and now this!
Apple has the fastest devices...currently. However I my opinion the hardware has surpassed the software so really its down to which ecosystem you prefer. I like my Android device for the framework it opperates in and vice versa I am sure for Apple users. Making teh devices faster is great as long as they have the software to match.   So really one can compare benchmarks till the cows come home but it does not really change anything. Android can do certain things...
This is the 175 post or there about about Android on your glorious Apple forum. For people who are nto interested in Android you guys sure discuss it a lot.   No one cares if you don't like the new Android devices... no one is forcing you to buy them. However if you do... enjoy them as that is what they are there for.   As I look in my review mirror I can barely see Apple anymore...... enjoy playing catch up.
JB makes sense to those who would like something different. If you don't like it don't do it, its as simple as that.   If you they type of person that loves to tinker and own an iPhone then JB is for you otherwise...nothing to see here.
Easy there tiger "gimpymw"....you going to give yourself an ulcer!
Just let me start by saying Samsung should license the portfolio out. However easy for Apple to say that they will cross reference their FRAND patents out at .33c and Samsung should do the same. How many patents are they both bringing to the table? I would imagine Samsung has more patents in this area than Apple as they have been in the mobile space long before Apple even thought about an iPhone.   So if they both have the same amount of patents then .33c sounds...
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