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The fact that the words "very unique" were allowed to be in the title of the article is a glaring example of fail on the editor's part. The word unique is an absolute. Either something is unique or it isn't. There aren't varying degrees of unique. 
"Third-party iPad software to blame in delay of American Airlines planes"   That would be an acceptable excuse for Android, but all iPad apps are supposed to be vetted by Apple
I see they are still using that god awful pink/peach color for the icon, and I bet 8.4 doesn't change the fact that the scroll bar isn't confined to the portion of the playlist that moves. That doesn't even touch the fact the progress bar while playing a track hasn't been as accurate and moving forward or backward with it has been as clumsy as hell since iOS 7. I still say cover flow circa iOS 6 was awesome. Hell the whole music app was better then.
Apple already exceeded Microsoft's peak. Hence the title, first company to reach $700 billion. 
It won't be my fault if they plunge. I bought a iPad Air 2 a few days ago. I love having a full size screen with Mini weight. Touch ID also rocks. 
I bought the 6+ and absolutely love it. A coworker who is a fandroid launched into a tirade about how the big iPhone looks just like a Samsung phone and the iPhone bends and how Apple should be sued..... Crazy. It's amazing how upset people can get over a phone. As for the crowd saying 4" is the perfect size, maybe Apple should keep refreshing that iPhone size and call it the iPhone Mini.
Cell phone companies throw us table scraps and we're supposed to be overjoyed? I'll stick to my Sprint unlimited everything plan. 
How awesome is it that Apple cares about legacy devices? Are you gonna get that kind of support from Android?
Paying that much money for a watch that will eventually be obsolete because it's a tech watch? No way. Spending that much on a rolex watch that never be obsolete? Sure. I can understand that. I can't afford it, but I can understand it. 
I decided to wait on this version of OS X. I'm glad I did.
New Posts  All Forums: