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I recently bought 1Password for my iPhone. I love it.
Holy Shit! What an endorsement!
User experience is more important than specs. Apple gets it. The fact that there is lag and stutter on the Galaxy Note 3 is unacceptable. My source? MKBHD on You Tube, and he loves Android.
The bad thing is now Apple will be seen by many as a greedy evil corporation all because they're successful. Why is it people think that having a lot of money makes a person/company evil and greedy? Maybe those assholes would like Apple if they were in debt and struggling.
Everyone remember when Japanese phones used to be the envy of the world? Now 2 cell phone OSes made in America dominate Japan. I'm glad we are still good at something. Well, iOS is good anyway. 
How about putting desktop GPUs in iMacs? I'm not thrilled about the prospect of buying a Windows PC for games, but I'm tired of dealing with mobile GPUs. Good call updating Open GL in OS X though. Bout time.
Ok I can play analyst too. The only reduction they need to make is on the price of their unlocked iPhone 5C. That was easy. And these yahoos get how much to do their job? And I use the word job loosely.
That's the only part of the keynote that let me down. Seriously. What are they thinking charging so much for a plastic iPhone.
I was about to blast off an angry post because of the title. I thought it said, S is for seniors. WHAT THE HELL MAKES ANYONE THINK THIS PHONE IS FOR SENIOR CITIZENS? Then I read the title again. Oh sensors. ha ha....oops.
Damn. I just bought an iPad Mini because I read so many rumors the next Mini won't have a retina display. 
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