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That's the only part of the keynote that let me down. Seriously. What are they thinking charging so much for a plastic iPhone.
I was about to blast off an angry post because of the title. I thought it said, S is for seniors. WHAT THE HELL MAKES ANYONE THINK THIS PHONE IS FOR SENIOR CITIZENS? Then I read the title again. Oh sensors. ha ha....oops.
Damn. I just bought an iPad Mini because I read so many rumors the next Mini won't have a retina display. 
I gave up on it. That's why I decided to go ahead and order a mini now. Should be here next week. 
Unless the next iPhone sports a much bigger screen, I don't give a damn about the hardware. Looking forward to the next version of iOS though. 
No. Just no. Preference in politician has nothing to do with preference in smart phone. 
If they make the next iPad Mini retina display, I'll make my next iPad purchase a mini despite swearing off the smaller screen when the mini was introduced. 
Sprint. Really trying my patience with slow 3g and no 4g.
It means they're sacrificing battery longevity. Want proof? Compare Surface Pro and Surface RT. Night & Day.  
In other words, Google is jumping up and down and yelling ME TOO ME TOO! LOOK AT ME!
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