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It's bad enough they had to use that god awful color for the iOS icon. They had to bring it to OS X? *sigh*
It's true. I really want an iPhone with a bigger screen. I'm not going to switch to Android just to have a bigger screen.
His sexual preference is none of our business. Stop talking about it. Next topic!
So the no poaching treaties have officially been run through the shredder? 
I'm not surprised. I downloaded OneNote before the whole Office suite was available and love it, but I have no interest in MS word processor or spreadsheet app. I'll stick with Pages and Numbers.
I'm sure the wall street assholes hate this. Funny how the more investors dislike Tim Cook the more I like him. To the stockholders, it isn't all about you and profits. Get over it.
Retina display on the mini? Awesome! No finger printer scanner on the mini or regular size iPad? Booo!
I recently bought 1Password for my iPhone. I love it.
Holy Shit! What an endorsement!
User experience is more important than specs. Apple gets it. The fact that there is lag and stutter on the Galaxy Note 3 is unacceptable. My source? MKBHD on You Tube, and he loves Android.
New Posts  All Forums: