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Nice Good Great $9 umm not great but not a dealbreaker. $279 holy s### I will pass imessege me when it gets down to $99
I know I also remeber the crappy Hyundai Accents and Excel of the 90's tin can with wheels. But today is a different story.
I agree with 95% of all you said. Exept for Hyundai. The car quality are actually at or above previous market leaders like Honda and Toyota. Samsung and Microsoft well you got those right they only pump cheap and mediocre products.
I know I will be ordering a 27" with 3 TB Fusion drive and 32GB ram not sure if the budget will allow to also upgrade the cpu but since the 27" won't be available until december I will probably be able to add that too. 
The us of the word "clone" its to lenient. What they are actually trying to do is ripoff intellectual property that do not belong to them.
Agree. I will take the supposedly outdated iOS over the latest Android or WP. I will like for them to explain what is so outdated when it perforce so well and fluidly. 
  OK I won't Get cough in your personal attacks. You believe what you want and act like you want just remember that the one been defensive and insulting its you that speak more of you that anything else. Have a nice day hope we can agree in something some other day.
  So attacking anyone with low post counts is fine by you or anyone that disagrees with a mod. First impressions go both ways. What will new readers think of the community when they start seeing attack post and entitlements based on post count. 
  That goes both ways...
Don't confuse post count with time spent on the site. I have been reading AI for years I just don't have as much free times as other to comment. Plus the 4 comment counts are the one been using now since I switched login with FB.   Plus some of you make it sound like anyone that disagree with a mod is an Apple hater when at least in my case is far from the true.       
New Posts  All Forums: