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It will be called "Lynx"
Same here mate! 2012 MacBook Air 13 inch!
Names of Birds of Pray would be great for OS XI !!
I will suggest you to buy MacBook Air 13 or 15! I posses a 13 inch 2012 MacBook Air. It is a really smooth one. I just love it. Since your mum uses it for light task, a light weight laptop would be just fine. Ask your mum if she is comfortable with a 11 inch screen. If not, 13 inch would be just fine.. And I too hate windows PCs! ;-) Cheers!! - Suvrat! :) (Regards from India)  
Amazing! Congratulations Apple!! I hope they take Samsung to the Grave!
This is the difference between Samsung and Apple. Apple products are really very adorable. Design with great finesse unlike Samsung!
Hello Guys! :) I am new to Mac OS X. Please suggest me some essential softwares to keep my Mac "Clean and Well Maintained" Thank you! :)
I am using ML for a week now and I am very much happy with it. It is a lot smooth. I experienced considerable difference in boot up speed. I have a MBA 13' with 128 GB SSD. It boots up in 5 to 6 seconds. With Lion it used to take 15 to 16 seconds. A 10 seconds slash down is really appreciable. Great work by Apple as usual! But I think that scrolling in launchpad is not so smooth. In lion, it was smoother. Give your thoughts on this. Thanks! :)
Hi Guys! :) I downloaded OS X ML a couple of days ago. I liked it a lot. Its extremely responsive. But I noticed that the scrolling in the launchpad is not that smooth as it was in OS X Lion. Did anyone else notice this or is it just my experience. Please help! Thank you! :)
Hello Guys! :) I am a Java programmer. I use mid 2012 MacBook Air 13' running OS X Mountain Lion. As a java programmer a need JDK 1.7 (Or Java SE 1.7) installed on my Mac but when I click on software update it downloads JDK 1.6 (Or Java SE 1.6). Is the JDK 1.7 (Or Java SE 1.7) not available for Mac? What may be the problem. If it is available, how to install it?? Please help! Thank you! :)
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