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Yes it does. Not only the MacBook Pro with Retina Display but the normal MacBook Pro and MacBook Air also contain that zebra wallpaper if you are running OS X Mountain Lion. I posses the 2012 MacBook Air 13' and yesterday upgraded to OS X Mountain Lion. And now I have that Zebra wallpaper set on my Desktop! :) Cheers! :)
Hi guys! I am a MacBook Air mid 2012 version user currently running lion. Should I upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion?? Should I spend $19.99?? Please tell me in detail about the new features in mountain lion. Which of them are really usefull?? What has changed?? Please help! Thank you!! :)
Thank you very much for the reply JasoH. It was very helpful! :)
Thanks a lot for your help mbmcavoy. As you said, I have checked with my faculty and they are quite comfort able with Mac OS X. So I think I will buy a MacBook Pro. And If any problem occurs, I have my windows desktop or I will run windows on the Mac. Just tell me what option of the following 3 is best for running Windows on Mac: 1. BootCamp. 2. Parallels. 3. VMware Fusion Thank you! :)
Hello guys! I am a computer engineering student. I am thinking of buying a MacBook Pro! I am getting the 2010 version for a cheaper price than the 2012 version. Please suggest me which to buy. Is there a big difference in hardware? Is there any considerable difference in Intel HD graphics 3000 and 4000?? Please help! Thank you!
Thank you very much for your reply Mr. Me. It was very helpful. But I didn't understand the thing about programming area of this forum. Where is that? Please guide me. Thanks once again!
Hello guys!   I am an computer engineering student and I wanted to ask you how much useful the Macs are when it comes to programming.   I need C, C++ and Java for my programming. I use a windows desktop now. I wanted to ask you guys if I could use a MacBook Air for programming. Will I be able to compile and run C, C++, Java programs on Mac OS X. Or u can give an advice on how are the Macs for Computer Engineering??     Thank you!! :)
New Posts  All Forums: