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Prediction: If they discontinue the iPhone 5 for the iPhone 5C, then here will be the prices iPhone 5S 16GB: $299 iPhone 5C 32GB: $199 All prices are on contract Again this is assuming the 5 will get discontinued. I think the 5C was a move based on 2 factors. Apple losing on margin, and their phones getting banned by the ITC. I think the aluminum design of the iPhone 5 cost therm more than they realized. I think they're trying to make the plastic iPhone be regular...
Okay so Jobs brought us the new age of tablets and touch screen smartphones and nice UX design. What has Tim Cook done? iPad mini is still a tablet by the way, so it still falls under Jobs.
Which products are being banned?
Omg thinner bezel, I didn't expect that... /s
So does everyone believe that Apple is still innovating?
Do you actually have an app on both platforms or are you using a hypothetical?
The multi taking is not Microsoft problem. It's that their touchscreen ux is dull and ugly. The apps are weird looking and have no design look to them.
Funny the responses to someone trying to help humanity. What has Apple or Tim Cook been working on that helps humanity?
I'm sure all these numbers are wrong. DeD told me so...
Or another tone AI would take would be"Grr the President sticking his nose where it doesn't belong. The courts decided and that should be final"Or"We all know the Obama administration got paid by Google. This is Obama returning the favor. "Look at the DOJ case. As soon as Apple lost all of AI was condemning the government, even Apple called its punishment punitive and draconian. The moment something is in Apples favor it's 'the right thing to do' .
New Posts  All Forums: