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  I'm one who sees Apple selling a low cost iPhone with stripped features, and I will counter the arguments you've made with this news headline As Netbooks Crash and Burn, Amazon's Best Selling Laptop is a Chromebook   A Chromebook if you don't know, is a striped down laptop that only runs a web browser. By your logic, this device shouldn't sell at all, however it is selling very well. The reason it sells its, well, simplicity. It is what netbooks should have been....
It's already happened. The iPod Nano uses an interface that is as fluid as any Apple product, but is not rich in features. An iPhone with similar limitations, but with slightly more features than a Nano, would be adequate.   I assume your 20% comment was relating to the $200 contract price point, which might be why you're having difficulties understanding the cheaper iPhone. In reality the cheapest latest gen iPhone costs $650 (retail).   If Apple were to release an...
I think this rumor has some validity to it. When the iPad Mini was a rumor, people thought the same thing because of what Steve Jobs said. Now the same is happening with this rumor, people are getting hung up on what Schiller said. These guys used their words carefully.   Phil didn't say no, he didn't deny the rumors, he stated that Apple doesn't make cheap products. Cheap in this definition is not in price. The lowest priced Apple product at the moment is the iPod...
The guy he was quoting was saying how cool it would be to put a cell radio and iOS 6 on an iPod Nano. He thought the guy meant fm radio, but I was just pointing to the fact he probably meant putting cell phone communication frequency chips to make the iPod Nano be able to make phone calls, access the web, send text messages.   Basically the guy was thinking it would be cool if instead of making a cheap iPhone, they make an iPhone Nano. A tiny little device that cost as...
He's saying a cell radio, meaning the iPod Nano would make phone calls, text, 3g, etc.
Google's Nexus 4 uses it. I think 1 or 2 other Android phones use it
I don't understand why this would bring a bad light on kick starter. the guy is making a genuine effort top refund his backers money. The only thing it sheds is kick starters deficiency in not having a refund option for such occasions. This actually brings a bad light on Apple as they are seen as uncooperative and overly enclosed.
Microsoft should just give Apple the 30% but just charged iOS users 30% more for their subscription. They can just put the 30% Apple Tax on the checkout page
Use a nano sim cutter
Maybe the app support in Europe is not as big as in the US, so they probably have no need to go for the higher priced device.
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