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 WRONG, the patent holder has only 1 responsibility, and that is to defend its patent from infringers.There are companies that have patents that they don't license to ANYONE, sometimes because the patent competes with their product and it's more profitable for them to hold onto the patent than to license it. That doesn't mean that anyone should come along and STEAL their patent and start making money off someone else's idea.I don't know why you continue to defend this...
wow people are arguing that this is worth the money, but paying more than $1 per device for a patent that without it renders the phone useless is absurd?
 All Apple needed to do was contact them ahead of time and try to set up a deal with them regarding their patent. But they didn't, they went ahead and used their intellectual property without their consent, in the hopes that they wouldn't find out. Same as what happened with the Swiss Clock app. I agree that Virnetx are losers for trolling like this, but they had an idea that they patented, and Apple felt it was good enough to steal. So now Apple needs to pay up.
 All I'm saying is people who blatanly copies someone else's invention needs to be held accountable. You have the same views. Somehow the fact that the company doesn't make a product doesn't mean that they shouldn't protect their IP.
They want an injuction on these devices. Their message is simple, "steal our ip and we'll go thermonuclear on you". Oh wait someone else said that...
Yes, found it!    
 I was gonna use innovative but I don't think it would've been trollish enough :D
"VirnetX is looking to force a preliminary injunction against the alleged infringing Apple devices as well as damages related to their sale." Ouch, where's that "It's not about money it's about sending a message" Joker image when you need it.
Wow, another patent that Apple seems to have "borrowed". I'm wondering whether the iPhone was really "revolutionary".
What does this mean?
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