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They want an injuction on these devices. Their message is simple, "steal our ip and we'll go thermonuclear on you". Oh wait someone else said that...
Yes, found it!    
 I was gonna use innovative but I don't think it would've been trollish enough :D
"VirnetX is looking to force a preliminary injunction against the alleged infringing Apple devices as well as damages related to their sale." Ouch, where's that "It's not about money it's about sending a message" Joker image when you need it.
Wow, another patent that Apple seems to have "borrowed". I'm wondering whether the iPhone was really "revolutionary".
What does this mean?
Wow, thanks Apple, now I know that the Galaxy tab doesn't rip off your design. I wouldn't have known otherwise from all your public statements taking stabs at it. Thanks for clearing up the record.
I'm a huge fan of Apple but... I'm not a fanboy...
Wow, those specs are crazy. Although it does not seem fair to compare it with the A6 as its a phone processor. It should be compared to the A6X
Nexus 4, my new phone. Good job Google
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