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 Build Quality - No, try the Oppo Finder, that phone can hammer a nail to a wooden board and not break (Literally, check out the youtube video), and it's the thinnest smartphone ever (Unlike what Apple has you believing) Style - Yes, if you're the guy that pulls out his iPhone just to impress other people (Because NOBODY has the iPhone /s) Refinement - Definitely true, probably the best iPhone has going for them (If you discount the downgrade iOS 6 brought with garbage Maps)
Its compressed so when the update starts, the files will be extracted and altogether it will be around 2.7 GB of space needed.
I don't know that their attacking the people more the Apple mentality. The average Apple user can't give reasons why the new iPhone is better, they just buy it. The Apple mentality is similar to the old PlayStation mentality. I remember when Dreamcast came out it was an amazing device. Then Sony announced the PS2, and everyone drooled over it, even though it didn't have any good release titles.Sometimes people adore product brands so much it hurts innovation.
The ad is meant to be simple to understand, it actually does what is intended which is to lure away customers who like simplicity, apple's number one casual consumer base. The hardcore will never switch from watching an ad like this, it'll just irritate them.
"Any meaningful way"? Being able to look at the source code and edit it in any way possible is not meaningful enough?
Relax guys, the gs3 and nexus 7 scores are AVERAGE, meaning every benchmark put together and divided by the number of benchmarks. The iPhone 5 link is for a specific benchmark of 1 device. That's why you see the s3 numbers rise a few hours later, likely when this news broke out folks with gs3 wanted to try out the benchmark themselves and the average changed.
The A6 is based on A15, so no its not underspeced, even if s3 uses a quad core. The score is about what should be expected for the numbers we saw from anandtech.
Actually if you consider the amount of devices it supports and the scalability of Android, its extremely efficient. I think Google's efforts so far have been to ensure Android becomes available to use on multiple devices, not just smart phones (Ouya, pocket PC, etc).With their project butter initiative, the android os is bound to get more fluid. The Galaxy Nexus became significantly faster with a single OTA. It felt like a new phone for most people. It doesn't quite match...
Lol I think we'll stop seeing the "specs don't matter" copout from Apple fans. It beat the nexus 7 by like 20 points.
I'm gonna take a stab and guess around 10-15% of those sales are for re-sale. People buying the iPhone at launch and selling the device during Christmas at a marked up price. It's a great business. Once I bought an Xbox 360 and held it until the holidays and sold it to someone for $1,200.   If Samsung goes through with the lawsuit of the iPhone 5, and they end up getting a ban (unlikely given their track record), the LTE iPhone 5 will be GOLD!
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