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 The same story happens on the other side my friend. Android folks that switch to iPhone sometimes hate it and want to switch back due to lack of basic features that are standard on most new Android phones.
 And that's a bad thing? You can get the 16 GB Galaxy S3, and put in a 16 GB micro sd for $20, and save $30 (If iPhone had micro sd card slot, people could save $80). I don't understand what's laughable about a sales rep pitching cost savings to consumers...
2006 Samsung Picture Frame     2010 Apple iPad     :|
 Because it is..? Galaxy S3 just came out, iPhone 4s has been out for a year. Feature by feature the Galaxy S3 is far superior to the iPhone 4s. Don't know about the iPhone 5 though.   Also it cost ATT $100 extra when people get the iPhone on a contract, so they'd be stupid to promote it.
I don't think Apple will win this one. Apple is in the same position Bayer was in with the trademark of Aspirin. Aspirin used to be a product until everyone started using the word to describe "Headache Medicine". The word "App" has become synonymous to mobile software. The word is now an identifier of an object, and therefore having an "App" Store, is the same as saying Old Navy "Clothing" Store, or such. App Store is a store that sells Mobile Software.
I'm aware of Xerox compensation but regardless apple didn't invent the GUI. and wow i can't believe you mentioned the trash bin. What a laughable defense. To say that Apple invented an bitmap image that looks like a trash can where you drag a file and it performs a delete command is reaching at straws. Apple stole the FUNDAMENTALS of Hero's invention, Google stole the FUNDAMENTALS of iOS.Your second point proves how much of a better company Google is in that they patented...
Every company steals even apple. Do you really think Apple invented th GUI and the mouse? lol read this article about how Steve Jobs stole the idea from Xerox.www.mac-history.net/computer-history/2012-03-22/apple-and-xerox-parcThe patents are ridiculous. Imagine if Google had patented searching in general. The ability to search for something shouldn't have a clause whether you're using a phone or a computer to do it. Searching is searching it doesn't matter what you search...
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