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I think China Mobile might want a chunk of the app store's profits. Not many people know but, Google pays carriers a chunk of the Play Store profit (honestly don't know how its split). So I'm guessing China Mobile is saying "You can't use our network and our customer to make profits unless we get a cut of all those profits, at least 30% sounds good".
@relic Yes please. Some little editorials about awesome apps on iOS. Or maybe an editorial on the process of app development for newcomer developers. Even talking about cool little Cydia hacks that make the iPhone more functional, if only just to shed light on how different people use the iPhone. It just seems that all the news articles here on AI are real narrow and don't broaden the scope to different groups. It just seems like AI is a APPL mouthpiece versus an Apple...
Android forums have plenty of material that keeps them busy, since they have a lot of manufacturers that put out new products.Apple on the other hand has 2 or 3 products, which has been condensed into 2-3 months release cycles. So all Apple related websites would really have no content for 9 months if they didn't bash other products.If you really think about it it's sad times to be an Apple only website. Apple products and news are increasingly less exciting as times go...
The Android app is garbage. It provides less features than what is currently stock on Android, its less customizable, and swiping up from the bottom conflicts with Google Now.
Everyone knew Exynos was trash but was somehow benchmarking well. Now we know the reason.
Even with an Xbox and a PS3, I still bought a Chromecast. I always have my phone on me. Even when I watch a movie I'm browsing around my news apps. The Chromecast is just really convenient. I can queue a bunch of YouTube videos and the Chromecast plays them (just like on PS3). I don't have to turn on my PS3 and surf to the YouTube app or the Netflix app. It is just convenient. That's the key word and that's why its going to sell well (it already is)
I'm disappointed DeD used Google so much. We all know Google will fake that calculator to make Samsung's numbers look better
Cars run without motorola patents, phones don't. /argument
Yeah, most likely the manufacturer was charging Apple $140 or some odd dollars for the iPhone, so Motorola was getting the 2.25 percent of that, while Apple was turning around and selling the device for $650 or what not. So Motorola was actually getting screwed, as Apple was making extra money/profit on Motorola IP.
They interviewed a guy that develops the songza app, and he said it something that I think is the reason this dongle is amazing. He said Google just gave app developers access to the consumers living room. Developers don't have to waste time developing for Roku or Google TV or Apple TV. They can just add lines of code to their app, and the app instantly has access to the TV. I'm sure in the near future, most music apps will add Chromecast support, most video apps. I...
New Posts  All Forums: