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Lol why is it that every verdict against Apple you guys think it's a conspiracy and blame everyone but Apple. Everyone in AI is always a lawyer.
I've read a lot of your articles, and in one or two of them, you spoke about Android fans touting quick toggles as a good thing. However, you made the arguement that Apple created their OS with ease of use in mind. You explained that users didn't need to toggle their wifi on or off, or other things, as the OS was smart enough to manage battery life efficiently.   Given your response regarding "superior" solutions, and how at the time you down played quick toggles, I feel...
Right, I'm sure before iOS 7 you thought quick toggles were a 1990's "trap" but since Apple introduced it, now I'm sure it's a superior solution 
Double post
Lol what?Apple - "Hey I have this open source software that anyone can use and modify"Google - "Oh cool let me add that to a browser I'm building."Apple - "Stop THIEF!"Google - "What the hell? You said its open source, how am I stealing it?"Apple - "I meant its only open for me to use and Apple fan developers to do all the coding work so we don't have to pay them and keep our massive profits."
How can you steal something that's open?
Dude, OS X isn't open source, only Darwin (the kernel). Do you even know what that means?   And Samsung, HTC, and other manufacturer ROMs are not intellectual property, they're Skins, or a Theme/Launcher, like shown Here. The Icons might be their property, but not the implementation of the UI. And HTC Sense software does NOT work on any NON HTC phone. Same as Samsung, Touchwiz ONLY WORKS on Samsung phones (That are compatible). Most of their software are embedded with...
Actually the Oppo Find 5 and other Oppo phones have community driven updates. The company relies on community developers to help them with updates and releases.   I don't understand your synical view about modders. When you have 20-30 developers, if one developer creates a ROM that has spyware or other code with criminal intent, the other developers will find it and that developer's reputation will get tarnished. I can understand if you might be wary about the amount of...
  Dude, every single ROM is on a forum post. The OP on that forum post ALWAYS posts a warning saying to install the ROM at your own risk. Everyone that uses XDA ROMs and Roots their phones has plenty of warnings before they mess around with their device. Before rooting your phone, they warn you 20 times that it will void your warranty. Just like everyone knows jailbreaking an iPhone will void your warranty.   Who are the manufacturers going to sue? The consumers? The...
Yeah, Android should make it easier. I used an app once that would notify me whenever an app requested to access certain permission. But what would end up happening was it notified me for every decision I made. It was just annoying.   I think a good implementation would be somewhere in between what XPrivacy does and what iOS does.
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