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Except when you have an update that changes permission needed the system tells you the new permission the app needs. So it you read a permission that says "Allow remote wipe" from a calculator app and you update the app anyways, then you deserve to get your phone remote wiped.
Are they talking about the app signing spoof that basically all of xda uses to get apps that don't work on certain phones (Google Wallet) to load? If so, this is a non-story and like someone said above, it doesn't affect the average consumer or the tech savvy rooters.
Nothing he said was wrong. All the user needs are better permission management tools, which they could bake it into the Play Store app, Sort of like this guy did.
I use a permission manager that I can choose what an app can and can't have access to. Google should bake it into Android to avoid this sort of problems. It'll also fix some malware problems.
 LMAO, sounds legit 
Stop the presses! An OS that is Open Source with 4,000+ different models has fragmentation problems! An OS that's tailored to less than 20 device models doesn't! Thanks DeD, your articles are really eye opening 
Usually you guys are quick to refute what people post about Apple but no one has refuted Josh's claims.
I don't think it'll be square, I think they're just waiting for the announcement to add the new filter (maybe a cleaner rounded rectangle)
The second to the last slide seems devastating. The guy asked Steve Jobs how the can possibly sell books for $14.99 when Amazon sells it for $9.99, and Jobs reply was 'the prices will all be the same'. The guy thinks Steve Jobs was crazy for even saying it out loud.
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