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Damn dude, you're becoming that stressed out guy in the group that has a nervous breakdown and puts a knife to a woman's neck and says 'stay away, I'm gonna kill her'.It's just a forum. We're only talking about phones, we're not discussing scientific theories (those guys are brutal).
The percentages of difference are so small they seem insignificant.
What they need to do is patent location based reminders. That way I can have Siri remind me to take out the trash when I get home, or remind me to buy something when I'm near POI location.
  Because those "opinions" are irrelevant given the context. He was sympathizing to the other party's fears of entering into a risky deal that could fail by acknowledging that it could fail, however he needed to do something soon or else Amazon could take his entire e-book profits in the future. Salesman tactics.   So no, it wasn't his "opinion". He masked it as an opinion, but really he believed it wouldn't work. Why would the other publishing agencies sign the deal at...
  Dismissal on what grounds? And if she's seen evidence most of us haven't, and made an estimated guess as to the outcome, I don't see how most of AI is saying there is no case. Apple is not a godlike company that does no wrong. They only released a few emails, yet they have a lot more evidence to support a price fixing scheme. They might have emails of Apple consulting with the other publishers and pushing their $12.99 price, and telling publishers about the evil Amazon...
So why did they all plead guilty to price fixing if they were all innocent?
It's not COMPLETE BS, when what I said was completely right. I only omitted the $14.99.
That's correct, but illogical, and therefore insignificant. By Apple stipulating that the publishers weren't allowed to sell a book at a lower price in a competing service, it became price fixing. It's the same as what Microsoft has been rumored to do with the current Xbox 360. They are rumored to have developers sign agreements that if they make games for the Xbox 360, that the same game on a competing consoles cannot look or perform better than the Xbox version.   Even...
But isn't that ultimately price fixing? What if Amazon tries to run a sale on a specific book? That would mean that the specific book would have to be sold at the same price in the iBook store. So that's essentially setting the lowest price for a book across all retailers.
Probably more a siri expansion. Push to give siri commands type of technology.
New Posts  All Forums: