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Shoot, I avoid paying taxes every day. I rather pay for something on amazon and wait for it to ship to save on paying sales tax.I legitimately want to pay as low a percentage of my income as Apple pays. The government will just use it to buy more drones to kill people
I hope someone makes an app that teaches regular people how they can get their own zombie corporation that doesn't pay taxes and have their salary be funneled through it. That way every American citizen can avoid paying taxes.
The announcement that everyone missed except android central was the fact that Google changed the feature upgrade system to include them within the Google play services framework. This means that Google can now implement api's that can be used on different versions of Android, and this will limit most fragmentation problems. For example, a feature of jelly bean was photo sphere. This was packaged with android 4.1. But now with the new Google play framework, photo sphere...
I don't know why app developers of sex related content even bother making iOS apps. They should just stick to making android apps, that's where they'll find the most leniency.
I don't understand why any feature that a phone manufacturer adds to their devices is automatically written off as gimmicky. What's the criteria for a gimmicky feature? Any feature that an Android phone has that an iPhone doesn't?
And Apple doesn't HAVE to be in China, they choose to be over there. So people need to quit complaining how the Chinese handle business and follow their rules.
I don't know why you guys are knocking the Chinese and with the same breath praising Apple. Apple is basically a communist corporation. Apple tells you what you can and can't download on your device. It tells developers what they can and can't add to the app store. The only way to circumvent Apple's hold on your device is to jailbreak it (or for the Chinese, using a proxy) , which they make it difficult to do. Now all of you obviously enjoy all these restrictions Apple...
No contract is the way it should be. The way tmobile does it is the correct way. The phone can be paid off in 2 years or 2 months. Then all you have left is your wireless bill.
I think Apple insider are secretly android fans. All these detailed android related editorials. It's fine you can admit it, Android is awesome.
They never said it wasn't their fault, they explained the source of the problem. They can't say they messed up when they really didn't. Their system performs a certain function based on specific parameters. The fact that Apple builds their website a certain way that conflicts with those parameters shouldn't be Google problem.
New Posts  All Forums: