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Nice, RRP, now why don't you put up ACTUAL sales price, and it's more like iPhone 5 $699-$749 and Note 2 $599-$649. Grasping at straws here...$1,400 webcam?
  Lol, cheaper? Let me guess, you're gonna use the BMW vs. Ford analogy?   You don't gotta get mad TS, I'm just saying what is on everyone's mind even if they don't want to admit it. Apple is NOT SPECIAL. Their 5 minutes of fame (or 5 years really) is over, and now you guys are mad because Google is getting their time in the spotlight. Let's just call it what it is...
Google plus is a ghost town of friends, not content. If you arrange your circle feed by categories and start circling people for tech, business, world news, etc. Google Plus won't be a ghost town, and it would actually be an excellent news feed. It's sort of a merger of blog and social network.And I have yet to hear a reviewer recommend the Chromebook Pixel except Linus Torvald (I think that's his last name) and he only recommended it because he put Fedora on it and it...
  By tying Google Glass under poor overall value, you're entire article became worthless.   You also imply in your flawgic, that since there are a few Android or Google products that are mediocre or plain garbage, that for some reason the company isn't allowed to come out with an amazing product (Pixel, which has been given amazing reviews hardware wise and design wise). Or are you implying that they aren't allowed to sell it at such high premium price like Apple (Which...
This study shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. People buy smartphones to do exactly all those things mentioned. I can give some insight as to why I prefer Android over iPhone. It's really simple, PRICE. I have a Nexus 4. Retail price (I never buy contract) - $349. iPhone retail price - $649. Now don't get me wrong, I have dished out $549 for a phone before, and I might do that with the HTC One. But the reality is I will never pay $649 for a phone that feature wise is...
I'm sure it's just a generic GET URL that takes you to the password change screen. This shouldn't be a hard bug to patch up. Will probably be fixed by tonight
This is a web site issue not iOS.
They currently have unlimited everything for $70 a month. So they're raising the price to $90 now? That sucks
DeD must have written this article a week ago and was just waiting for the S4 announcement to publish it. Just editted some stuff here and there.   The S4 sucked, the only decent thing they added was the S Health which was a little interesting, but it's not necessary.
The nice thing Android does is you can set up a 4 digit pin for any purchases, so you can give your kids any password you want, as long as he doesn't know the pin he won't buy anything.
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