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 Correction - they DID.  Following that lawsuit they stopped scanning and showing adverts for student accounts. http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/may/01/google-stops-scanning-student-emails-california-lawsuit
 No, the correction on Gizmodo says: So my understanding is that Android will get the free trial.  Could be wrong though, can't see anything on the Apple site to confirm!!
The three month trial isn't only for those people who sign up as part of the initial launch, its for any sign up after that date so its irrelevant as to when the Android app is released. I did read somewhere over the weekend that Android users would get the free trial once it becomes available on Android, can't remember the site where I read it.  Although Gizmodo are reporting Android users will get the free trial in a corrected article after initially claiming they wouldn't.
Yes they will.  All platforms get the three month trial, but only users with an Apple ID get access to the free tier (Connect/Beats 1).
 And you think that in any way lessened the use of pirated Adobe products?  Everyone I know who was using pirated Adobe software continues to use pirated Adobe CC software, the move to a subscription model did jack shit to stop it. I very much doubt any update can PERMANENTLY wall off jailbreaks, there will always be vulnerabilities.
Same here on both my iPhone 6 and LG G4.
So presumably you'd agree that the US are shaking down non-US companies because they can't compete as well? http://www.freshfields.com/en/news/FCPA_and_OFAC_fines In 2014, non-US companies paid 98% of sanction violation fines, despite making up only 26% of the number of entities fined. Let's be honest, all governments (and regional blocs) are protectionist by their very nature and the EU is no different.
Do I really need to spell this out for you?  Are you saying all the companies who are saying the exact same thing as me (Apple, Yelp, Salesforce, Lilly, NCAA to name just a few) are talking out of their backsides?  If its all the same to you, I'll take their word over some random person on a forum who seems to be arguing just for the sake of it. One example?  OK, how about a valued Apple employee in Indiana who is discriminated against because of this law and feels he can...
Don't be so simplistic. This law will cause discrimination against Apple customers and harm Apple's ability to attract and retain employees. To think there will be no harm to business as a result of this law is naive to the extreme.
TC isn't using his position to promote his personal agenda, he's using it to promote Apple policy and prevent harm to the company that could be caused by regressive legislation in the name of 'religious freedom'.  https://www.apple.com/diversity/
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