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Yes, DED is Corrections, as has been shown numerous times and all regulars here are aware of that despite the fact he talks about himself in the third person.  Unfortunately you've been fooled by DED's dishonesty which is exactly how he wants it to be.
I really wish you'd stop referring to yourself in the third person, its the same in every one of your threads. At best its misleading, at worst its dishonest.  For someone who claims to be a serious tech journalist, it does your credibility no favours.
Page Rank isn't Google's patent, its Stanford University's. Its already available to anyone, Google's exclusive rights expired in 2011.  Sure, you currently need to pay for it, but anyone can use it. It may have been a major part of Google's business model when they started, but it plays a very small part in Google's search algorithms today. DED is pretty good at manufacturing hit pieces on the flimsiest of evidence, but I think even he might struggle to convince anyone...
AFAIK, the only person saying that Google was going to dump Android for Chrome was DED in an editorial on AI.  Do a Google for 'google dumping android for chrome' and the only relevant articles refer back to DED's piece, which was, unsurprisingly, light on any actual evidence for his claims.
Isn't that the way apps already work?  If I'm in Word and go to the Open dialog, I can only see .doc files unless you change the file type option.  If I'm in Photoshop, I can only see .psd.  I'm not disagreeing with your general viewpoint, but that particular gripe doesn't seem to be valid.
Are you accusing US judges of taking backhanders from Samsung?  That's a very serious accusation.  I assume you have evidence to back that up, care to share it?
Kenya may be ranked as a third world country, but their politicians are some of the best paid in the world. http://www.capitalfm.co.ke/business/2013/10/infographic-kenyan-mps-salary-compared-with-the-world/http://www.businessdailyafrica.com/Kenya-MPs-come-second-in-global-salary-ranking-/-/539546/1924534/-/24knfiz/-/index.html So this deal is worth slightly less than the annual salary for two MPs.
Perhaps you could point to where on this page Apple have a trademark for Newsstand? No, didn't think so.
No-one's mentioned yet that Amazon also have a Newsstand service which I believe was launched at about the same time as Apple's.  Given that Apple haven't kicked up a fuss over that, I think the chances of them taking on Google over the name are slim to none.
Yeah, not sure about USB devices so you may well be right.   Although Maestro64 stated that phones could be counted in activations multiple times which is not correct.
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