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No-one's mentioned yet that Amazon also have a Newsstand service which I believe was launched at about the same time as Apple's.  Given that Apple haven't kicked up a fuss over that, I think the chances of them taking on Google over the name are slim to none.
Yeah, not sure about USB devices so you may well be right.   Although Maestro64 stated that phones could be counted in activations multiple times which is not correct.
I'm not sure that's true any more is it?  I think Google counts an activation when a device connects to the Play Store and is identified by a unique device ID which never changes, so a phone being wiped and reactivated would only count as a single activation.
No, I don't see anything wrong with that.  Every single one of Samsung's component customers know that Samsung competes with them in the consumer sector.  If they then choose to continue to use Samsung as a supplier, how is that Samsung's fault?  All of their customers have a choice, if they don't like it use a different supplier.  Its called a free market.
And who, exactly, has the authority to tell Samsung what they can/can't make?  Its Apple's decision to continue to have components manufactured by Samsung, no-one's forcing them.  If they don't like it, they can go and find someone else to do it.  If they can't find anyone else who can manufacture to the quality/quantity required, then that's unfortunate but a pill they have to swallow.
I don't think anyone is saying he shouldn't defend his own articles, that's every blogger's/journalist's right.  But many of us find it quite disingenuous when he uses a pseudonym to respond and often refers to the author of the article in the third person.  He claims to be a serious journalist so perhaps he should start having having the balls to be fully open about who he is.  There are many posters on these forums who have no idea that Corrections is DED, and new...
You're one of the more balanced posters in these forums, but you should have thought this one through.  As the father of a teenager who has ASD, your implication that people with autism aren't normal is offensive, whether it was meant as a joke or not.  You are aware that there is likely a 100% probability that there are members of this forum who are autistic?
Move to the UK then Our country might be slowly falling apart but we have pretty decent phone tarrifs.  I always buy my phones sim free and am currently paying £9.99/month (about $15) for a sim-only deal with Three for 200 mins talktime, 3000 texts and unlimited data.  They're currently rolling out their LTE network which will be unlimited as well for no extra cost.  That's a rolling monthly contract as well, so if a different carrier can offer me a better deal, I can...
All of your arguments are based on the assumption that people will want to wear GG at all times, which I don't think will be the case.  Like any other gadget, you'll use them when required.  Need to get somewhere?  Put them on, walk there, take them off.  Want to video chat?  Start a hangout, have a chat, take them off.  Battery time alone will limit how much you can wear them.   I'm still undecided about them.  They definitely will work as a niche product, but whether...
Can't find the article now, I think I've got it bookmarked at home so will post it up later.   In fairness to you, the bit you bolded may be incorrect (near full retail price - me bad!!) but it is definitely a heavily inflated price that is meant to reduce their tax bill in each country.  Its standard practice for multi-nationals.  As was mentioned above, Starbucks do the exact same thing.  Their Swiss subsidiary buys the contracts for coffee beans from the growers and...
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