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Where does it say UK investigators went into Apple HQ?  I think you might have this confused with the French raid article.  This info is all from Apple's filings.   And no, its not picking on Apple.  Far from it.  It seems all countries are having the same issue at the moment, the companies are however complying with the law.  All I'm saying is that there needs to be a global agreement on this otherwise the richest companies in the world will continue to pay almost zero...
  Doesn't change the fact that VAT is not paid on every transaction, and can be claimed back by the consumer, not Apple.
I think you misunderstand VAT.  The consumer pays VAT at 20% at the point of sale, not the company.  Additionally, some consumers can reclaim VAT through their business so its not paid on every transaction.
They are actually.  Google, Amazon and Starbucks have all been hauled in front of parliamentary committees recently over this exact same issue, so this isn't picking on Apple.   The issue is the Irish tax setup.  The Irish government says corporations incorporated in Ireland pay tax on where they're managed and controlled from (for Apple, this is the U.S.) but US rules (and most other major economies) say the tax should be paid where the company is incorporated.  If...
Another error strewn, unfocused and too lengthy piece of click bait blogging from DED/Corrections.   For all those regulars who complain about too many non-Apple worshippers visiting these forums, articles such as these are the reason. Perhaps if AI were to use more objective sources this place might be a bit more enjoyable.
    Why are you having a go at Crowley?  The above quotes have been your sum total input to this thread.  Crowley, on the other hand, has provided facts backed up by evidence.  Maybe if you tried to discuss things with him instead of making pointless comments these forums might by a better place to be.
Sorry, do we have to show passports now to post in this thread?   As usual, some Americans can't see the bigger picture.  This is a global issue, not a US only issue.  Google were in front of a parliamentary committee this week in the UK about the exact same thing and got ripped apart similar to how Apple are.   And there lies the issue with finding a resolution.  It needs a global solution in a world where countries are all self-serving.
Login to your Google account, go to https://www.google.com/settings/plus and scroll to the bottom.  You can delete your G+ membership, or delete your entire Google account.
Not true.  Google only count an activation when someone visits the Play Store so if a phone doesn't use Google Services, its not included in their activation numbers.
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