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    Why are you having a go at Crowley?  The above quotes have been your sum total input to this thread.  Crowley, on the other hand, has provided facts backed up by evidence.  Maybe if you tried to discuss things with him instead of making pointless comments these forums might by a better place to be.
Sorry, do we have to show passports now to post in this thread?   As usual, some Americans can't see the bigger picture.  This is a global issue, not a US only issue.  Google were in front of a parliamentary committee this week in the UK about the exact same thing and got ripped apart similar to how Apple are.   And there lies the issue with finding a resolution.  It needs a global solution in a world where countries are all self-serving.
Login to your Google account, go to https://www.google.com/settings/plus and scroll to the bottom.  You can delete your G+ membership, or delete your entire Google account.
Not true.  Google only count an activation when someone visits the Play Store so if a phone doesn't use Google Services, its not included in their activation numbers.
Really?  Do you have any idea how SEO works?  How people build websites has a MASSIVE effect on their rankings, and Google provide guidelines on best practice.  Would you rather have badly built and irrelevant websites appear at the top of searches, or well-built and properly structured sites with relevant content?   I'm not saying that this is the issue here (in fact, nobody on here actually knows what the issue is so all this discussion is normal internet baloney), but...
  Too true.  I wear glasses (I can't wear contact lenses) so having to wear a second pair is impractical and ridiculous.  The last 3D film I attempted to watch was Prometheus but I left after an hour with a killer headache.  I don't think 3D is going away anytime soon, but its always going to be a sideshow with its current limitations.
Yep, don't know why articles about this rumoured device say its likely to be called the iTV.  Not only is the trademark in the UK already taken, but also in the US, Japan and many other countries.  The chances of this device being called iTV are practically zero.
  And yet you are constantly asking other posters what professional qualifications they possess and then refuse to engage with and belittle them when they don't.  As soon as you get proved wrong you either get abusive or disappear from the thread (I'm still waiting for you to provide evidence in another thread for your claim that Google sells email addresses).   This whole post, especially your last sentence, is hypocrisy at its best.   Seriously, what is your issue?...
Already answered both your questions in my previous post.  A failure on your part to read and comprehend my posts does not constitute a failure on my part.   I don't have to justify why I post on this site or any other forum.  I just do.  I'm not hiding anything - if you don't like that, tough.   The irony of it all is that the nature of your posts do more to drag down the standard of this forum than all of the posters you call trolls/shills/liars.   Anyway, I'm bowing...
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