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Not sure about elsewhere, but here in the UK its on offence to call 911/999 without good cause.  Better make sure you cancel that call damn quick as I'm pretty sure trying out an iOS exploit is not good cause:-)
Whilst I agree this is good PR for Apple, I think you might be over-estimating the audience of a billion, i.e. almost 1 in 7 people on the planet.  Most people outside of the U.S. wouldn't have seen this - I don't think it was even shown in the UK, maybe on one of the news channels. Hell, most of the people I know wouldn't even know that such a thing as the State of the Union address even existed, let alone seen it.
Oh yeah, sorry, we play by the AI rules here don't we.  Anything you or TS say requires no data to back it up, the rest of us have to provide evidence in triplicate signed in blood.  Silly me.   I'd like to see the evidence that says carriers install key loggers, average users don't love Android (which is a bit weird - who loves an OS?) and that iOS users don't migrate to Android in significant numbers (which is actually exactly what I am seeing with users I know).  I...
 Citations needed on all of those points please.   Seriously, all these companies are bothered about is the bottom line, nothing else.  There doesn't have to be anything evil or sneaky about it, its called business.  Do you think a car dealership, or a jewellers, or a travel agent is any different?  As with any non-trivial purchase, depending on the advice of the seller to make your decision is a fool's game.
Which was proved to be wrong.   So yes, false declaration your foot.
They're one of the largest independent phone retailers in the UK, so yes the information is legitimate.   However, seeing as this part of the discussion was all based on a false declaration by yourself, its all irrelevant now.   edit - and even the 02 site is showing the iPhone 5 with no upfront cost, so another false declaration.  Twice on one page, good going!!
No, its exactly the same, Amazon pay developers 70% of of app revenue.   edit - unless you don't mean the AppStore in which case you may be correct!!
And their giving iPhone 5's away for no upfront cost as well so not sure what your point is.  Whatever deals carriers offer has no bearing on how well a device is selling, its all about the contract.  The phone manufacturer still gets paid for the device and the carrier makes their money over the lifetime of the contract.   edit - I see this bit of the discussion was based on a false assumption anyway, but my point still stands.
Are you serious?  My TV is situated around 18 feet away from my sofa.  Are you saying I should use a 32" TV and move my sofa ten feet forward?  The reason TV's are getting bigger is because that is what people want, and often it is for practical reasons.  Same with phones.  Its really not that hard to understand.  I don't buy things to make me feel better, I buy things I want and/or need and would like those things to fit my requirements as closely as possible.  And none...
Only in the US as far as I'm aware, here in the UK and Europe its perfectly legal to jailbreak/root a device you own.   As has been mentioned in these forums many times, thankfully the rest of the world is not governed by US laws.
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