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Which was proved to be wrong.   So yes, false declaration your foot.
They're one of the largest independent phone retailers in the UK, so yes the information is legitimate.   However, seeing as this part of the discussion was all based on a false declaration by yourself, its all irrelevant now.   edit - and even the 02 site is showing the iPhone 5 with no upfront cost, so another false declaration.  Twice on one page, good going!!
No, its exactly the same, Amazon pay developers 70% of of app revenue.   edit - unless you don't mean the AppStore in which case you may be correct!!
And their giving iPhone 5's away for no upfront cost as well so not sure what your point is.  Whatever deals carriers offer has no bearing on how well a device is selling, its all about the contract.  The phone manufacturer still gets paid for the device and the carrier makes their money over the lifetime of the contract.   edit - I see this bit of the discussion was based on a false assumption anyway, but my point still stands.
Are you serious?  My TV is situated around 18 feet away from my sofa.  Are you saying I should use a 32" TV and move my sofa ten feet forward?  The reason TV's are getting bigger is because that is what people want, and often it is for practical reasons.  Same with phones.  Its really not that hard to understand.  I don't buy things to make me feel better, I buy things I want and/or need and would like those things to fit my requirements as closely as possible.  And none...
Only in the US as far as I'm aware, here in the UK and Europe its perfectly legal to jailbreak/root a device you own.   As has been mentioned in these forums many times, thankfully the rest of the world is not governed by US laws.
  Really?  Maybe you haven't noticed, but nearly all major software houses offer trial versions of their software, including Apple.   Adobe Apple Microsoft Propellerheads Plus Xbox and PS3 demos   I could go on and on.  So in fact, its been fairly standard for years to offer trial versions of software.  The 15 minute refund window is definitely one of the advantages Google Play has over the App Store.  Yes, apps cost a fraction of the price of major software, but that's...
  So basically, your claims on this matter are based on your own personal experience and what you see around you rather than actual documented evidence?  If someone came into this thread and posted an opposite opinion purely based on what they see their acquaintances doing, I'm pretty sure you'd be crying "Where's your evidence?".  Pretty typical of yourself and these forums really.  Pro-Apple - "whatever we say is evidence".  Neutral or anti-Apple - "anecdotal evidence...
  It will only create a schizophrenic experience because Apple don't let you choose default apps.   As for the privacy policy issue, I'm sure you've read Apple's Privacy Policy that states they collect exactly the same data and they can share it for the exact same reasons, including collecting phone numbers of people you contact and using your data for advertising purposes.  There is nothing unusual about Google's privacy policy and is no more invasive than Apple's.
And what has this got to do with anything?  You're confusing the matter by bringing the iPhone into it, which is exactly what Apple tried to do.  This case was about the Tab and an Apple community design.  Its totally irrelevant to this subject (as Apple found out).   Again, totally irrelevant.  They didn't have to file for any kind of slander, they just had to inform the court they didn't believe Apple were complying with the original order and let the court do the...
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