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Original statement is now gone from the Apple UK site.  At least Apple have managed to comply with the court in that regard.  24 hours left to get the revised statement up, unless Tim fancies explaining himself to the court.
  The xenophobia in this thread is strong.
Apple, along with many other companies, pay very little UK tax.  Most of their UK revenue goes through Ireland, so trying to estimate their UK revenue from their tax bill is a fruitless task.  And never believe anything in the Daily Mail, its only useful for wiping your backside on.
  Every legal issue is important whether you agree with it or not.  If the judge let's Apple get away with this it makes the law an even bigger ass.     Except they DIDN'T comply with the order.  You might not agree with that, but its a fact.
  Doing it "their own way" is what got them into this mess in the first place.  How about doing the "right way" instead?   Also, looks like they have 48 hours to comply, unless Tim Cook gets involved.  From the BBC:  
  Judging from some of the responses in this thread, the reason some of us Brits feel aggrieved is because so far this thread has criticised our judicial system (one of the most respected legal systems in the world), our education system and several other generalised criticisms on the British way of life, all over one poxy court case that in the grand scheme of things means absolutely nothing .  I can imagine the response if we all started stereotyping all of the US...
Nice generalisation.  You're basically writing off one of the world's leading legal systems (that many other countries base their legal systems on, including the U.S.) because you disagree with one judge's decision on one case.  Nice.   Out of curiosity, do you have any legal background at all , or are you just spouting uninformed rubbish?
  That's not evidence, that's just your view of things - one that many will disagree with.     And where in any of that does it state that Schmidt abused his position while on the Apple board?  Nowhere.  I'm not disputing the fact that Android was influenced by iOS, just this crap that it was Schmidt that did it.  Nobody, ever, anywhere or at any time has provided any sort of evidence that this happened, its all just conjecture and hearsay.
Err, maybe because Schmidt did nothing wrong?  Makes me laugh whenever this is brought up.  Please, show me some solid evidence that Schmidt did anything underhand whilst on the Apple board.  And by evidence I don't mean hearsay and the thoughts of paranoid posters on this forum.   People seriously need to stop posting this piece of FUD.
  If laws are different, yes.  The recent UK ruling proved that. And there have been at least two judges that I'm aware of (one in the UK, one in Australia) who have said that court cases in other countries would have no bearing on their decisions.  Seriously, America is not the world's authority when it comes to justice.  The rest of the world (FYI, that's everywhere beyond US borders) have pretty established court systems (you know, like here in the UK).  Also, can I...
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