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  That's not evidence, that's just your view of things - one that many will disagree with.     And where in any of that does it state that Schmidt abused his position while on the Apple board?  Nowhere.  I'm not disputing the fact that Android was influenced by iOS, just this crap that it was Schmidt that did it.  Nobody, ever, anywhere or at any time has provided any sort of evidence that this happened, its all just conjecture and hearsay.
Err, maybe because Schmidt did nothing wrong?  Makes me laugh whenever this is brought up.  Please, show me some solid evidence that Schmidt did anything underhand whilst on the Apple board.  And by evidence I don't mean hearsay and the thoughts of paranoid posters on this forum.   People seriously need to stop posting this piece of FUD.
  If laws are different, yes.  The recent UK ruling proved that. And there have been at least two judges that I'm aware of (one in the UK, one in Australia) who have said that court cases in other countries would have no bearing on their decisions.  Seriously, America is not the world's authority when it comes to justice.  The rest of the world (FYI, that's everywhere beyond US borders) have pretty established court systems (you know, like here in the UK).  Also, can I...
You think a decision in an American court (that is still under appeal) can be used as a precedent in other countries?  Good luck with that.
I agree with you there.  Although if I was Mr Hogan, I'd stop talking to the press right now as every time he opens his mouth (most recently just three days ago) he's making that hurdle lower and lower for Samsung.
Nice response, except everything in it is pretty irrelevant.   I'm not an apple hater.  I'm not a fandroid.  I have no emotional attachment to any company, I use the tech that suits my needs.  I just get annoyed when people post rubbish as if it was the truth.  Nowhere in my post did I call anybody names.  If you were offended by my post, maybe you should step away from the internet right now as you seem a little over-sensitive to me.  Or are you just offended because I...
Its not about disproving it.  If they say their study shows 98% iPad usage, I believe them.  However, as with any statistic you have to put it in context, and the context hear means there is going to be a natural bias towards iPad use.   The article headline should read: Apple iPad dominates tablet-based web browsing with 98% share on sites primarily optimised for iPads   Can you seriously not see that Onswipe have a vested interest in this statistic being seen to be as...
Exactly.  This whole thread is based on meaningless data as you've already pointed out.  Additionally, we have no details on the 1,200 sites they used for this study.  It may be that many of them are specifically targeted at iOS users (app review sites, Apple news sites, etc) in which case you would expect the figures to be skewed towards iOS.
  I'm sick of hearing this.  Unless you have some previous unknown evidence, that neither Apple or anyone else has ever provided, you're just talking bull about Schmidt abusing his position.  Seriously, stop posting fud.  I'll take anyone seriously on these forums, until they post something like this that has been debunked 1000+ times, at which point their credibility becomes zero.   Why is it that anything that is even slightly negative against Apple in posts get jumped...
Yes it is.  Granted you can't choose a specific font size, but in Display settings you can change it to small/normal/large/huge.  Or under Accessibility, just check Large Text.   Don't spread fud.
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