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Its not about disproving it.  If they say their study shows 98% iPad usage, I believe them.  However, as with any statistic you have to put it in context, and the context hear means there is going to be a natural bias towards iPad use.   The article headline should read: Apple iPad dominates tablet-based web browsing with 98% share on sites primarily optimised for iPads   Can you seriously not see that Onswipe have a vested interest in this statistic being seen to be as...
Exactly.  This whole thread is based on meaningless data as you've already pointed out.  Additionally, we have no details on the 1,200 sites they used for this study.  It may be that many of them are specifically targeted at iOS users (app review sites, Apple news sites, etc) in which case you would expect the figures to be skewed towards iOS.
  I'm sick of hearing this.  Unless you have some previous unknown evidence, that neither Apple or anyone else has ever provided, you're just talking bull about Schmidt abusing his position.  Seriously, stop posting fud.  I'll take anyone seriously on these forums, until they post something like this that has been debunked 1000+ times, at which point their credibility becomes zero.   Why is it that anything that is even slightly negative against Apple in posts get jumped...
Yes it is.  Granted you can't choose a specific font size, but in Display settings you can change it to small/normal/large/huge.  Or under Accessibility, just check Large Text.   Don't spread fud.
I'm pretty sure this relates to phone settings you can define, similar to Tasker on Android.  When I connect to my work wifi, my phone goes into silent, GPS gets turned off and my screen brightness gets turned down.  You've nothing to fear:-)
I saw that figure before my original post, but seeing as the source is an "unnamed Samsung exec" and confirmed figures won't be available for a long time, I went with the last confirmed numbers.  Obviously its going to be a bigger percentage now as the iPad sales alone would have increased it since 2010.  I think the point I was trying to make was that if Apple and Samsung stopped doing business together (which isn't going to happen), Samsung would still be fine.  Losing...
According to this page, Apple made up just 2.6% of Samsung Electronics' total sales in 2010.  They weren't even Samsung's biggest client, that was Sony.
  I don't think you've quite thought that one through, have you?  Samsung produced phones long before Apple were in the phone market.  And Apple then chose Samsung as a supplier, nobody forced them.   At this time Apple need Samsung components and Samsung are happy to meet their contractual obligations.   Its called free trade, and your proposal would not stand up legally in any country in the world.
  Same here.  I'm a techie but use hardly any 3G bandwidth, <100MB per month, so LTE is not much use to me.
  Don't want to burst your bubble, but US court decisions mean diddly squat in court cases in other countries, as the recent UK case showed. Believe it or not, the rest of the world is capable of having legal systems that are perfectly capable of judging law on their own merits, not those of the US.
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