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oh to do that you would go to a Verizon store or apple store and tell them you want to buy the device only with out activation, so that they then give you the no commitment version and charge you full price. If they dont do that then you can go on ebay etc to buy a non activated new Verizon wireless iphone, there new changes to there web site ic suck. 
Verizon wireless sucks, they may have more lte then others rite now, but when it comes to speed and service half the time they suck. AT&T is better to me even though they dont have good customer service sometimes, but they do have faster speed over half the time and more 4g, Verizon on the other hand dosent have much 4g at places there is no lte. Anyways to get straight talk you would need to buy a no commitment AT&T iphone and hope that it is unlocked like some clam, if...
Does anyone think that the factory unlocked Iphone 5 for the usa will be released october 11th, or whenever the new ipod touch is released later this month ? I hope they release the factory unlocked iphone 5 for the usa soon. 
There is for some iphone and ipad users like me a wifi problem in ios 6, the problem is after updating to ios 6 when you try to connect to a wifi network it will seconds later, load up a page on the apple page that is invalid (a login page) etc, to fix this problem you have to cut airplane mode on for 10 seconds then after you disable airplane mode problem will be fixed.
  thats exactly what im doing im waiting for the unlocked model, I was just speaking on my thoughts on how un fair it is that other places get the unlocked iphone 5 now, but not the USA where the iPhone 5 was designed and stuff by apple headquarters they should serve and please the USA with all options  before others.
i hope not hope they do like the 4s and release it the month after (October), I hate the contracted ones, and I hate the fact that if you buy a no commitment one from at&t it is still locked to them, I dont want to have to fill out that unlocking form and then hope to qualify for them to unlock it, plus have to wait a few days for them to unlock it, and then when they do unlock it have to restore iPhone, it is a shame that you are paying them the same contractless price,...
Does anyone know how to reinstall mountain lion ? I know how to re download it id like to know, If i re download it can i re install it from that download so it don't deleate any of my files ? and does anyone have a download link to safari 6 ?
I hope its unveiled on that week or day or maybe sooner if possible, I hope it has that cool metal design with all the rumored futures like lte etc, only thing I hate is the nano sim means cant just pop in micro sim, hope the unlocked model comes out at the same time this time and prices remain the same hope it has the ilab etc design not some to slim tear drop design crap, also hope they dont make it hard to repair like the new slimmer mac, and that they dont call it...
  Do you think a micro sim can be cut to a nano sim and still work ?
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