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As far as the HDMI cables go, I tried several different cables on each TV.   The tint is greenish/yellow. There are blues that show up.    I hadn't thought about using the adapter on the Retina MBP, however, I just tried. The adapter works, though the problem is still the same. I suppose this means it's not necessarily the HDMI hardware on the computer.    Any other ideas as to what's wrong? Thanks for the continued support.
Yes - none of the display settings in system preferences make any sort of difference in the coloring of the TV screen. 
So about three minutes ago, for the first time since receiving it in the mail about three weeks ago, I connected my Retina Macbook Pro to my Samsung 42" LCD TV. The result I got was a quite disconcerting. The image refreshed on the retina display to the appropriate setting and the desktop appeared on my TV. However, everything on the TV screen had a terrible yellow/greenish tint. At first, I thought there could be something wrong with either the HDMI cable or the TV, so...
Good for China. All I want to know is when Mountain Lion is actually going to drop. Up to this point, all I've heard is the ambiguous "July." Well, guess what -- it's July. I'm ready to unleash a new breed of lion on this Retina. Anyone know a hard date for the official release?
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