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"As seen above" ... where?
Really the only form of android phone I would buy anymore. My wife has a Galaxy S4 from tmobile that hasn't and probably never will see a lollipop update.
   I'm pretty sure a lot of people would be happy to wait until say 2016 Q1 to get their $$$ and also your 1yr self ban.  It'd be a double bonus.
Installed on a new gaming build my son and I did a few weekends ago. So far so good. All the games run well.
You seem pretty sure when you stated you would self ban for 1Yr if AAPL didn't reach $150 by EOY.  A bet which I took you up on by the way :-)
Badly written article, this news is for Skylake core processors not Skylake desktop which already released, yet there is no mention of core in the entire article.
Huh, I just did a skylake build with an i5-6600K last weekend (parts from Frys), surely it's a bit late for launch details?
Sure. I'll take your bet.
And AAPL to hit $150 by EOY, or self-ban, right?
Over 100M Nintendo wii doorstops were sold, too, what's your point? Game developers do and in a BIG way.  
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