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I used it once to check it out. That was the first/last time.
The iPhone 6+ in that video is a dog and makes the 6S look much improved. I timed the 6S against my 6 and my 6 was somewhere between what is shown in the video and closer to the 6S.
I'm bringing in my iPhone 6 today. Slightly bent from being in my pocket, screen starting to separate. it makes a clicking noise when I press on it.
What a crap article, no samples, no comparisons.
Feb 2014 ...
 Right. just as long as you don't use the latest and greatest Apple Tv to play that super 4K video your latest and greatest iPhone captures.
So by your logic, Apple should not have added 4K support to 6S phone but instead just improved the bit rate of the current 1080p offering? Apple might know a bit more about the market and technology than you think you do.
They have, it's called 4K.
That's not what he said. He said 4K on youtube blows 1080P on youtube out of the water, which is a correct statement. You are comparing apples to oranges. We're talking about a streaming box here and there is no doubt that streaming 4K vs 1080P from the same content provider does look a lot better.Not many people are going to fork out for 4K blue ray players but many people will take advantage of 4K streaming. Here's what HDTVTest had to say about House of Cards 4K vs...
Some of the reviews on the Play store are hilarious.
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