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Also I think the holders out for a new version of the smaller IP5 form factor will give up waiting and just go with the now standard larger sizes.
Hmm, not quite the "game" changer sog35 predicted. I'll pass.
 All that goes out the window when the police break in (no warrant) to the wrong house address, shoot the homeowners dog, shoot the homeowner and shoot one of their own in the process. I would be very worried, because getting restitution from the grave isn't very satisfying.
"As seen above" ... where?
Really the only form of android phone I would buy anymore. My wife has a Galaxy S4 from tmobile that hasn't and probably never will see a lollipop update.
   I'm pretty sure a lot of people would be happy to wait until say 2016 Q1 to get their $$$ and also your 1yr self ban.  It'd be a double bonus.
Installed on a new gaming build my son and I did a few weekends ago. So far so good. All the games run well.
You seem pretty sure when you stated you would self ban for 1Yr if AAPL didn't reach $150 by EOY.  A bet which I took you up on by the way :-)
Badly written article, this news is for Skylake core processors not Skylake desktop which already released, yet there is no mention of core in the entire article.
Huh, I just did a skylake build with an i5-6600K last weekend (parts from Frys), surely it's a bit late for launch details?
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