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 I fail to understand why people think this is a big deal for a device that you set and forget. My Macbook pro on the other hand has an external PS which is a PITA. It would make more sense for a portable device to have a built in PS than a device that never moves.
Airplay is a PITA to use from my iMac to ATV and has lots of issues. I have a late 2103 build iMac and an even more recent ATV and Airport extreme. The imac is hardwired to the ATV via the Airport Extreme. * iMac mouse becomes unresponsive when I enable Airplay* audio fails to play over airplay, I have to restart coreaud daemon* Video is choppy on tv. I can compare with the same video on the iMac screen which isn't choppy. When it works it works OK, when it doesn't (about...
I dunno, nobody is going to sit around for the rumored "Fantastic new" ATV. If I want a streamer box I buy what's best available now. I have an ATV and a Roku I see no need to rush out and buy a new Amazon FireTV or a new ATV. Maybe when one of them craps out I will. Same for new buyers, IMO they will buy best of what is available and stick with it until they "need" a new device.
Here's probably a fairly realistic view of what is happening. http://cdn0.tnwcdn.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/2014/03/iOS-v-Android-global-split.jpg
DED seemingly..
meh, life is too short to educate those who don't want to be educated.
When you figure out the difference between VR and AR, maybe we can talk.
 Everything.Yes.Already stated.
For this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrqhjhW-PAI
This.. in the article should have been enough of a clue for you..."That led the co-founder of Oculus to take to the Internet to defend the sale, in which he argued Facebook is a better landing spot for the company than Apple or Microsoft." I don't see Google mentioned there...  Augmented Reality and VR are two very different markets don't you know. Oh and... I doubted Google _would_ be interested...
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