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So you blew $400 in gain for $9000 when it reaches your predicted $150? Smart!
Racechrono best in class IMO
 There's bias alright, only it's yours. http://www.displaymate.com/iPhone6_ShootOut.htm Some of the notes from link above about post iPhoen5S devices... "The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are the current Best Mobile LCD Displays ""In our detailed Lab tests the measured Absolute Color Accuracy for the for the iPhone 6 is 2.6 JNCD, and for the iPhone 6 Plus 3.1 JNCD. See thisFigure for an explanation and visual definition of JNCD and the Color Accuracy Plots showing the measured...
I concur. Also when free services email/search have downtime problems people aren't that disturbed. When a paid service goes down it is a little more stressful/frustrating.
Not the pocket, but the ego maybe.
That's just FUD. I use google search all the time and the only junk/spam mail I get is from various other sites, groupon, livingsocial etc that I used my gmail address when registering.
You think Apple Music is going to kill YouTube?  Wow that's a stretch.
 Why would Google worry, Play music has no ads or subscription free model?
I'm sorry what part of the original article did you not understand?? According to court documents unsealed on Wednesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook received personal emails from Apple Store employees regarding bag check policies instituted for security purposes, calling the searches "embarrassing," "demeaning" and "disturbing." 
Seriously? So the security guard should get paid  for doing nothing all day while the Apple store employees are tending customers?
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