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Agree, I have ATV, Roku, PS3, PS4 and the ATV is my least used of all these devices for streaming content. I find myself pulling the HDMI cord out of my ATV to connect my macbook to the TV more often that I actually use the ATV box.Without access to Amazon TV, it's just not worth the bother to switch to a different input/UI/Remote. If the endgoal is Amazon/Netflix/hulu UI the the box doesn't really matter.And don't talk to me about Airplay, I've had so many problems...
Hmm, Macworld report on same topic says this.. "The Adobe index took into account anonymous data from Adobe marketing cloud’s clients, mainly network and cable broadcasters that offer paid streaming of their premium TV content. The data did not include streaming-only services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, nor free YouTube views."   yet AI report says this..   "Everywhere TV," including on-demand video services such as Netflix, Hulu and HBO Go and over 300 related...
Sure, I'll take your word as a self confessed google app avoider versus my own experience and the hundreds of thousands of positive reviews on the app store. Must rush off and delete all those google apps, right away.
Let's see, based on App store ratings..Photos 4.5 starsMaps 4.5 starsGmail 4.5 starsChrome 3 starsDocs/Drive 4.5 starsHangouts 4.5 starsInbox 4 starsPlay Music 3.5 starsSearch 3.5 starsYouTube 2.5 stars Overall "crap" they are not.
Whatever works for you, personally I like and use regularly all the google apps I have installed.. gMail,Drive,Photos,Maps,SearchChrome,Play Music,Hangouts,YouTube
Sweet! I love street view.
Yes. They charge extra for hotspot use.
Interested to see how it fairs against sand.
Anyone notice how Apple-esque their presentation and video were?
I was at the local t-mobile store yesterday (looking for a new phone for the wife) and they had the S6 with the curved edges. The screen was just beautiful by far the best of any other devices in the store. 
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