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Seriously? So the security guard should get paid  for doing nothing all day while the Apple store employees are tending customers?
Nobody mentioned anything about who was making more money out of the partnership. My response was that a lot of people switch from Android to IOS because they can continue with the same ecosystem.  Your response if nothing else just validates that Google is making a lot of money off IOS. A lot of these Google users are prior Android owners.
The Irish weren't on that job!
I would disagree there, a lot of switchers move to IOS because pretty much everything in the Google ecosystem works just as well on IOS devices.
 While not at Apple levels, there's plenty of evidence that brand loyalty is high for some Android vendors. http://www.statista.com/chart/2460/brand-retention-in-the-smartphone-industry/
Actually I was being generous with 1%, the fact that Apple chose not to release an IP6 in 4.7" tells us that Apple is not interested.  Apple has moved on, get with the program. Google The confidential internal slides that show why Apple is making a bigger iPhone 6
Unfortunately Apple don't cater to the 1%. Given the tremendous success of the 6 and the number of switchers from Android (highly likely due to the screen size) I doubt Apple will ever go back to smaller screens. At least not on the high end anyhow.
Ditto for Apple Maps. It's 100% IOS and the comscore data seems to indicate ~25% reach, or 3 in 4 use none/some other mapping application.Google maps on the other hand is close to 50% reach across Android/IOS which might suggest that Google Maps and IOS Maps get about equal use on IOSI presume that "Google Play" mentioned is Googles Music Streaming app, which seems to follow the same pattern w.r.t iTunes as the mapping apps.
I'd say it means about the same to Android and IOS developers.Plenty of jobs/work.You do realize that google, Facebook, Apple etc (some of the big companies in top 15) all hire loads of developers.
Interestingly in the same comscore report, 5 of the top 10 ranked applications are from Google, Apple has only one iTunes at #10.
New Posts  All Forums: