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 My 12 and 14 yr old kids at the time had no problem operating a nexus 7. Just Sayin'
 That's a silly argument against buying a new tablet. New tablet = latest OS, why would anyone buying a new tablet care what version of OS other people are using? 
I've had several Android devices over the years and I don't think compass/gyro ever worked right on one of them.
I can agree with the reasoning/sentiment of this poster.
Whoop de doo!  You basically don't get it. This isn't your fight, it's Apples. If you want to stop buying Samsung products because you feel sad and depressed, go ahead. It won't stop Apple doing business with Samsung.  I think you need an "un-" before your online name. Seems more appropriate.
You speak for the Many? Good for you! Are you saying that crybabies who constantly scream "I'm never buying a Samsung product again" every time AI posts some article that brings up the Samsung/Apple tribulations are not inane?
How am I going to let him I don't care, if I don't respond.  Jeez, I wonder why I even bother.
 Personally I could care less how you twist your mind to satisfy yourself.  Don't be so defensive about being an idiot, makes it sound like I was actually right.
Of course there is. Boycotting Apple devices containing Samsung parts might force Apple to choose another supplier. Assuming Apple even cared, and if they don't then why should you.
Your iPhone contains Samsung products. How about giving that up then?
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