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Show me some hard numbers that show how many android users switched to IOS because of 6/6+ and maybe you have a point. Otherwise it's just wishful thinking.
Still waiting for them to do AppleTV right.
The 74% drop DED is referring to was in mobile-handsets only If you read around. The division as a whole dropped 48%.  So in this case yes you can guestimate iPhone profit to Samsung handset profit, if one were curious enough.
I had the dropping wifi issue after I upgraded to Yosemite. Wouldn't stay connected to corporate network for more than 30 seconds. It was fine before the upgrade. I tried many of the "suggestions" on the apple help forums and eventually one worked. Deleting the SystemConfiguration preferences folder. Our Corporate IT has banned Yosemite upgrades because of this and a host of other issues that affect daily workflow, until further notice at least.    IMO OSX upgrades are...
I didn't. Read my subsequent clarification.
I see the larger 6 and 6 plus as a definite improvement. Samsung dominated the large form factor segment until now.
Whatever definition is closest match to whatever Samsung mobile is.
Wrong answer , but you already knew that :-)
How much of apples operating profit was from just mobile?
"more" unfortunately not all. Those few do look like complete dorks though....
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