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Because Android users are too poor to pay the $8/month for a crappy app. IOS users will take one look at the price and immediately subscribe.
Worldwide 100% of Apple phones sold are small screened.
Queue the "Don't want, will never use" anti-Google posts....
Like 1 person using 5c and zero using other models?Anecdotal is funny isn't it.
Ridiculous! More market share equals more profit, of course they care.
Care to explain?
SD cards are pretty much the normal for all digital cameras nowadays. In any case once you plop in that 128GB card why would you ever want to take it out again?
Somewhere around 24MP I believe.
Well, he's way off then..  a 15x11x1 mm package with 128GB capacity and 250MB/s write rate, fast enough to capture 4K video and super low power consumption...  more like bleeding edge... 
Likely if you filled up 16GB there was a lot of "crap" on there that could easily be dumped to make room for 2GB. It may not be so easy when all you get is < 3GB of usable space before you need to start grooming content on the device.
New Posts  All Forums: