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When are you going to learn that nothing in life is free.
He wasn't impressed that Google was trying to put more money in his pocket? 
Why? It's a 5 star app.
Our family share a $7.99/mo google play music subscription, ad free. Everyone loves it. 2 iPhones and 2 Androids.
Might never happen until they ease up on cell phone use restriction at pumps.
According to the original article there is no mention of root being required, just running as Administrator is enough. The default account when installing OSX is an Administrator account.
He didn't reveal the exploit, he revealed the existence of an exploit. And to quote the guy himself...Kvarnhammar said, "The current agreement with Apple is to disclose all details in mid-January 2015. This might sound like a long wait, but hey, time flies. It's important that they have time to patch, and that the patch is available for some time."
Quote: My guess (since the a-hole dropped it without giving apple notice) is it doesn't work and this is just another BS exploit fabricated by someone wanting their 5 minutes of press. /Quote Did you not read the article? The Swedish "white-hat hacker" notified Apple of the vulnerability two weeks ago, and agreed not to reveal details of how it works until January, allowing Apple and its customers time to address the issue before a malicious agent could begin exploiting...
Ubuntu is built on a great OS, Linux, but is a shitty user experience.
The oppo r5 uses snapdragon 615 which is 28nm arm v8 Instruction set. Pretty similar to apples A7.
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