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I didn't. Read my subsequent clarification.
I see the larger 6 and 6 plus as a definite improvement. Samsung dominated the large form factor segment until now.
Whatever definition is closest match to whatever Samsung mobile is.
Wrong answer , but you already knew that :-)
How much of apples operating profit was from just mobile?
"more" unfortunately not all. Those few do look like complete dorks though....
,Friday afternoon and I'm bored at work :-)
In my book the two words "iPhone" and "owner" make a compound noun of iphone-owner, so the adjective "new" applies to the ownership, not to the phone. I think that is the interpretation "most" folk would use.
  But they were not new iPhone owners, they all had iPhones previously and welcome to where exactly? "Welcome, new iPhone 6 owners" might have made some sense.
Exactly, none of these buyers were new TO iPhone.
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