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 Why would I care. The GPS would be to track my exercise route, not the location of the nearest Starbucks.
The dot is where you are, why would you need a map.
Could it also be GTR == DED ?Evidence is mounting!
Now that explains a lot!
64 bit memory bus. 32-bit instruction.
Do you guys even bother to do a little bit of reading before putting your foot in your mouth? http://www.motorola.com/us/Nexus-6/nexus-6-motorola-us.html Battery3220 mAhMixed usage up to 24 hours*Qi Wireless charging support
Like those that gave them the benefit of the doubt and invested in them?
Last time I looked you could buy MS Office in the Apple Store.
3 times the fatality rate maybe. We're talking about accident rates here. Show me where that link shows the teen accident rate being higher.
You look it up. Less than 5% of accidents in 2009 involved 19 yr old or younger driver. if you include young adults 20-24 the total is still less than any single category afterward.
New Posts  All Forums: