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 So why is he welcoming them?
Huh? "Gazelle in late September surveyed hundreds of customers who locked in cash payouts for their old iPhones"
How do you know that? Maybe if apple let users rate the default apps, like iTunes, Apple maps etc in the app store we would have something to go on. Your anecdotal comments are meaningless. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4557327?start=885&tstart=0 Am I the only one to HATE the new iTunes?!237271 Views Previous 1 … 58 59 60 61 62 … Next2,293 Replies
Since my family switched to Google Play Streaming, we haven't purchased any music off iTunes. That was almost a year ago. $7.99/mo and we all share the same subscription.
That's good to know :-) I was only having wifi issues, bluetooth was fine, but I guess there must be some bluetooth settings in that folder too.
Delete everything in /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration and reboot. This solved the issue for me. I tried many of the other "workarounds" and this was the only one that worked for me, at least for now anyhow.
After upgrading, my Mid 2014 macbook Pro would drop my corporate wifi connection after a few seconds and become unusable. There are a lot of people with the same problem and as many suggestions on how to fix. After 2 days monitoring the discussion on apple forum https://discussions.apple.com/thread/6601963 and trying about almost every suggestion except down-grading I finally got it to work by deleting a preference directory. (at least working for now, no idea if it...
 Why would I care. The GPS would be to track my exercise route, not the location of the nearest Starbucks.
The dot is where you are, why would you need a map.
Could it also be GTR == DED ?Evidence is mounting!
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