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Sweet! I love street view.
Yes. They charge extra for hotspot use.
Interested to see how it fairs against sand.
Anyone notice how Apple-esque their presentation and video were?
I was at the local t-mobile store yesterday (looking for a new phone for the wife) and they had the S6 with the curved edges. The screen was just beautiful by far the best of any other devices in the store. 
Downloaded it last night. Meh, nowhere near as good as Google/Apple offerings. It would not show me alternate routes to my destination (200 miles away) even though I know there is at least one viable alternate. UI is not very clever, you have to hunt around to figure out how to use it. I'll keep it installed as a backup for when I'm in Europe. It certainly won't be my go to navi app.
Mine doesn't. If my finger is wet or if the home button gets greasy I get frequent failures and have to fall back to pin entry.
I've been using this for over a year to connect to a headless windows machine at my office. It has worked very well.
It runs Blink which is not the original Webkit.
Did I forget to mention I'm holding a lot of AAPL stock?
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