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Did you post that while driving?
Not irrelevant but not overly significant. It's simple math, work it out.
Maybe you should do a little googling before putting your big foot in it. Tut tut tut.
 Dumbest comment of the day, so far, but it's early yet.
The vast majority of cars on US roads are single occupant.
Do a repair disk permissions then do a clean reinstall of Mavericks. It fixed the issue for me. /s
Apple are not in the business of catering to the wishes of the minority. The popularity of the 6 clearly shows that one handed use is not a concern for the majority of people.
Included an iPhone6 for me. Process was very smooth, no glitches at all.
Beg to differ, I've been zapped with 220 Volts.
It would seem to me that more RAM (within reason) would also improve battery life. 
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