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When you figure out the difference between VR and AR, maybe we can talk.
 Everything.Yes.Already stated.
For this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrqhjhW-PAI
This.. in the article should have been enough of a clue for you..."That led the co-founder of Oculus to take to the Internet to defend the sale, in which he argued Facebook is a better landing spot for the company than Apple or Microsoft." I don't see Google mentioned there...  Augmented Reality and VR are two very different markets don't you know. Oh and... I doubted Google _would_ be interested...
I doubt Google were even interested.
No thinking involved, I only have to look at in my hand to tell you it is small.
Could be BBY is reading for sale and having key employees jump ship in the middle of negotiations with a buyer is something they could want to avoid.
Because Android users are too poor to pay the $8/month for a crappy app. IOS users will take one look at the price and immediately subscribe.
Worldwide 100% of Apple phones sold are small screened.
Queue the "Don't want, will never use" anti-Google posts....
New Posts  All Forums: