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Somewhere around 24MP I believe.
Well, he's way off then..  a 15x11x1 mm package with 128GB capacity and 250MB/s write rate, fast enough to capture 4K video and super low power consumption...  more like bleeding edge... 
Likely if you filled up 16GB there was a lot of "crap" on there that could easily be dumped to make room for 2GB. It may not be so easy when all you get is < 3GB of usable space before you need to start grooming content on the device.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but if that 2GB is not available even temporarily, you are unable to update the device? If that's the case I'm fine with stating  3+2. Nobody wants to have to go deleting/hunting for space just to get an update, that's too much work. Might as well be using Android.
The 5c market is basically non existing in Germany. The 8gb 5c will still cost over 500eur, this is not going to appeal to those price conscious Germans you seem to know so much about.
Would those be the same surveys they used to determine 5c demand at launch?
Historically, your guess would be incorrect.
Tim, is that you? Glad to see you finally joined AI. Welcome.
Yes, that one, and almost every A# before it including the laggy and shitty ones in iPhone 3G and 3GS.
Show me some proof of that, that is not an unsubstantiated rumor. Last I read Samsung were selected for next generation A8 production.As much as you want to believe that Apple is moving away from Samsung, there is no evidence to support your case.
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