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Ahh, no worries, it was just a "burner" phone.
I smell a rat. Someone is intentionally generating bad news for Apple in an attempt to drive the stock price up.
So now we know what the 'c' in 5c stands for..   char your ass combustible
I believe A7 gets around 50fps on GLBench Egypt HD 1080p offscreen vs close to 1000fps from dedicated graphics cards from folks like ATI.So "technically" it could run some of those games but I doubt that the level of sophistication of detail would be anywhere comparable to a console using an ATI/NVidia device.
Definitely WIFI disabled on both iMac and appleTV and very simple cabling. The video plays fine, no stuttering etc. iMac shows no excessive cpu utilization, it's just the iMac mouse becomes totally unresponsive other than that everything behaves fine. I do use multi user a lot, all 4 of us have accounts with something running (browser usually). That's the only possible "cause" I can think of. As I say after reboot (single user active) it is fine. Some time later (and I...
Hate the navigation buttons on the remote. Too easy to mis hit. I like the design/feel of the remote.   My biggest issue that when Airplaying from my brand new iMac to my brand new appletv via my brand new Airport extreme (all direct wired), the mouse on the iMac becomes extremely unresponsive.    It's tolerable when playing a movie but would be useless for any sort of interactive presentation. A reboot solves the issue for a short period and it reappears again fairly...
In 5 years when we find out that NSA and GCHQ had remote access to IOS-7 all along, we won't care because we'll all believe that IOS-9 is leaps and bounds ahead of  IOS-7 in terms of security.
Nice simulator, crappy looking UI.
 Some surveys would beg to differ. Significant shift towards large screen sizes by Android users. https://d28wbuch0jlv7v.cloudfront.net/images/infografik/normal/ChartOfTheDay_1396_Android_phone_sales_by_screen_size_n.jpg
 The solid state drive you refer to, may use memory cell storage but these cells are not addressed in the same way as RAM. The interface that communicates with storage memory is file system block/sector based, not direct addressable, therefore these types of memories are much more akin to traditional HDD than RAM.
New Posts  All Forums: