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 They justify it by saying the A# is an Apple design, Samsung are just manufacturing it, so it isn't a Samsung product. The justification arguments are always a good read.
Through Airplay, right? Airplay has lots of issues for me, even on a direct wired connection via latest Airport extreme router.  There are a couple of websites I watch video on where it would be much better (performance and quality wide) if I could just visit them directly via a browser on appletv.
It still befuddles me why there is no browser built into apple tv.
Nothing to reason with, I never made any argument or agreement with the article. I just mentioned I was going to sit back and watch the fanbois battle it out. Suckers.
Ha Ha , keep 'em coming.
Grabs popcorn and sits back.....
Since my kids have started using Google music streaming, they haven't bought a single song, nor have we had to gift them cards for purchasing music. That's been over 6 months now. We used to spend easily $200/year on both kids.
 Hangouts does allow phone calls (free in US/Canada and 2c/min generally international), it allows screen sharing, picture sharing, chat etc etc. Not sure why people complain about having to create an account to use hangouts, skype requires that you create an account, as does facetime.. My experience with Skype has been very bad. My skype account was hacked once and a ton of calls were made to/from all sorts of east european/asian countries. I had my calling balance set...
 From the article linked above... Finally, to throw in a true desktop comparison for the fun of it, we also put NVIDIA’s Kepler based GTX 650 in the chart. Clockspeeds aside, the best case scenario for even GX6650 is that it achieves half the shading throughput as GTX 650. The ROP throughput gap on the other hand is narrower (but GTX 650 will easily have 2x the memory bandwidth) and the texture throughput gap is nearly 3x wider. In practice it would be difficult to imagine...
So it takes approximately $1000 of external hardware to control a $99 box. Nice!
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