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I've been using this for over a year to connect to a headless windows machine at my office. It has worked very well.
It runs Blink which is not the original Webkit.
Did I forget to mention I'm holding a lot of AAPL stock?
You mean like exactly what you did?Google didn't release vector maps on iOS because they were trying to force apples hand. They released it a couple of months after Apple came out with their maps. You think google developed the app in 8 weeks?Here's how it went.Google : we'll give android users nice vector maps and not ios until Apple cave in and accept our mapping solution.Apple : let's hobble together our own map solution and screw Google.Google: oh Apple made their own...
How were they playing catchup if they already had the technology. Choosing when to release it on a platform because of business decisions isn't the definition of catching up.
No, not correct. Google had their reasons for delaying releasing their maps/features on iOS when they did and it had little if anything to do with technical ability.
Google had vector maps on Android (late 2010) long before Apple Maps was even released (they updated their IOS version of Google Maps to vectors a little after Apple maps was released)  . Google maps doesn't have flyover it has street view, two completely different things.
To many, the latter is less important than the former.
When are you going to learn that nothing in life is free.
He wasn't impressed that Google was trying to put more money in his pocket? 
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