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Included an iPhone6 for me. Process was very smooth, no glitches at all.
Beg to differ, I've been zapped with 220 Volts.
It would seem to me that more RAM (within reason) would also improve battery life. 
 Looks like Tim Cooke is going to be putting on his "Ass Kicking" boots shortly.
I beg to differ, laptop is a misnomer,  about practically 0% of macbook pro users use them on their lap, about 100% use them on a desktop.I have been using a macbook pro daily for about the last 4 years. I'd say it's been used on battery power alone for about 6 hours during that entire time.  I want a practical powerful machine I can move from location to location. An iMac just wont work.  
Carrier limitation doesn't equate to clusterfuck of a product.
I have Google wallet on my nexus 5,you may have a carrier limitation. I'm on T-Mobile.
Better have phenomenal battery life and 100‰ coverage everywhere.
Also great for roaming. Usually minutes are charged at local rate when calling using wifi while overseas. At least with T-Mobile, last time I checked.
Finally some respect for non iPhone users :-)
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