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Whatever definition is closest match to whatever Samsung mobile is.
Wrong answer , but you already knew that :-)
How much of apples operating profit was from just mobile?
"more" unfortunately not all. Those few do look like complete dorks though....
,Friday afternoon and I'm bored at work :-)
In my book the two words "iPhone" and "owner" make a compound noun of iphone-owner, so the adjective "new" applies to the ownership, not to the phone. I think that is the interpretation "most" folk would use.
  But they were not new iPhone owners, they all had iPhones previously and welcome to where exactly? "Welcome, new iPhone 6 owners" might have made some sense.
Exactly, none of these buyers were new TO iPhone.
 So why is he welcoming them?
Huh? "Gazelle in late September surveyed hundreds of customers who locked in cash payouts for their old iPhones"
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