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 "Hurdle"? "without a file manager interface"?    The first is an exaggeration, the second is just plain incorrect.
Android uses ext4 filesystem. I'm not sure where the "you have to MANAGE" or "Like and old style PC" applies here?
What if I'm in the "mood" for NO ADS!
 Absolutely 100% incorrect.  Android recommends that Applications that perform services or background functions not be installed on SD because if the SD is unmounted or removed those objects will no longer be available, common sense. Other apps like large games etc can be installed on external storage as long as the developer has made the correct entry in the manifest file and the app has the correct permissions.
  I've bolded the sections below which show clearly that Apple was NOT in full compliance with the court order. Not that complicated really. Apple v. Samsung – Consequences of breaching a Court Order in the UKOn 30 January 2013, a US Federal Court ruled that Samsung Electronics Co Ltd had not willfully infringed some of Apple Inc (Apple’s) patents. This is of relevance to the proceedings between Apple and Samsung in the UK Courts where Apple failed to comply with a...
tut tut tut. You really don't get it do you.
All I can say is that I hope you are not an accountant. BMW sold 50,000 more 3 series than 5 series in 2012. At an average of around $40K revenue per vehicle that's $2B more from 3 series. Do you get it now. Oh, and from Jan to September 2013, BMW sold 95,000 more 3 series than 5 series...
You my friend are clueless. In 2012 the 3 series accounted for 26% of BMW's world sales. Greater than any of its other lines. You can still purchase E9x series models, the dealers are full of them. Yes as I mentioned this is a transition year with F3x and E9x both available, which is why I stated I was talking only about E9x series.Get with the program man.
Did YOU read any of the posts? His point is that Apples lineup is as large as BMW's not Audis.His second point was that when you are purchasing from the Apple lineup, you are not looking at iMacs if you're interested in a Macbook, similarly someone looking at a 3-series is not going to be looking at 7 series models.Within the macbook series there are 5 models, within the 3 series there are 4. All other variations are simply configurations.Got it now?
Because its not.. Duh.
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