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It was free last time I looked. Not to mention, Google Maps, Google Search, Gmail, Chrome are all in the top ranking tier on app store.
Would he have bought 4 iPhones if he had found 2 viruses?
I'd say based on that reply, you overestimate a lot of things. Enough said.
No they don't, you're over thinking :-)
 Meh, that's just pointless nitpicking.
He didn't give explicit Demand Percentages either but he said that the actuality was "different than we thought".  You don't need exact numbers to read this any other way. 
"Demand percentage turned out to be different than we thought."So I suppose you interpret this as 5C exceeded expectations? 
Not in exact words... >>>>Bank of Montreal: Tim, Growing iPhones 7%, market will be 14%. Are you happy with pricing umbrellas you have? In particular the 5C? Cook: last quarter we did a tremendous job, mix. Demand percentage turned out to be different than we thought. If we decide it's in our interest to make a change, then we make one. Not going to predict price changes on the call. Our line in the sand is making something that's not fantastic.Read...
The logic escapes me, take a phone that isn't meeting expectations and cripple it with half the storage? 5C/15GB is already less than $30 at Walmart. What now BOGO?    Hopefully just another silly rumor.
Even in the personalization section on play store you have to go down to 12th place to find the first "wallpaper" entry. Zedge is at 1 but it is a lot more than just wallpapers.
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