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Exactly, and an iPhone is a thousand dollar phone.
The collins Dictionary is pretty specific :-).... the numbers 2000--9999
Wouldn't "thousands" mean 2,000+, whereas 1,700 is "over a thousand"?
Stupid comparison. You could just as easily say Samsung sold more computers than apple and Microsoft partners combined.
These look like some pretty cool uses of GG The first app is the Moment Camera, an automatic camera that captures footage throughout the day without any user input.“Like a pro photographer, Moment tries to take photos of the people, places, and times you care about,” says the Moment Camera website. “Over time, you make Moment smarter by telling it how it’s doing.”Next up is Captioning on Glass, a companion app for Android devices that can transcribe voice into text. The...
It will be a long time before we get to level 5, fully autonomous. In the meantime there will be a driver in driverless cars and the driver will be expected to take control of the vehicle under certain situations.Driverless for now and for near future is a misnomer.
 This reminds me of all the people I see taking pictures/video with their tablets. It looks utterly stupid. Also, initially pretty much everyone thought people having conversations with their BT ear dongles looked/sounded ridiculous. It's pretty much accepted now.
Crap solution because I (like most all newer iMac users) have a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. I get this problem all the time and it's not that airplay jitters or doesn't work, it's just the mouse becomes unresponsive. Oh and my AppleTV is direct connected to the iMac (last November model) via latest Airport extreme, so no mirroring over wifi.
We had an incident at my high school many moons ago. A girl went to sit on the toilet and the porcelain cracked and smashed under her. She got a few lacerations and was fine in the end (no pun intended) but she never lived it down especially for her last 2 years at school. Kids at that age can be very cruel. 
Ahh, no worries, it was just a "burner" phone.
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