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Don't ask me, ask the original poster why he claimed there was mass defections from android to iPhone 6/plus.I'm just saying there is no evidence or indication to back up such a claim.
If you read back in the thread, I'm not interested in profit numbers. I asked for evidence to back up a posters claim that the large screen 6/plus caused a significant number of people to defect from android.We all know Apple makes the most profit, that's not at debate here.
Sure you will see an increase in iPhone 6/plus numbers, largely due to existing IOS upgraders, covering the holiday season, people buying the plus instead of an iPad and some switchers. I doubt you will see any noticeable swing in the overall global android marketshare which stands around 83% in Q3.   As for Q4 look at Kantar Worldpanels comments on 6/plus "Initial sales of the new iPhone models have overwhelmingly been from existing iPhone owners (87%). This is not...
Nice try but not an answer. I asked to see numbers to show that the iPhone 6/plus caused a large number of defections from Android. Samsung might be in trouble but it only has 24% of the smartphone market vs almost 65% controlled by others (not including apple)A lot of samsung's slack will be taken up by the others. In Q3 Android phone shipments were about 268 Million worldwide versus 40 Million for IOS.  If Apple ships over 100M units in the next quarter then maybe the...
Show me some hard numbers that show how many android users switched to IOS because of 6/6+ and maybe you have a point. Otherwise it's just wishful thinking.
Still waiting for them to do AppleTV right.
The 74% drop DED is referring to was in mobile-handsets only If you read around. The division as a whole dropped 48%.  So in this case yes you can guestimate iPhone profit to Samsung handset profit, if one were curious enough.
I had the dropping wifi issue after I upgraded to Yosemite. Wouldn't stay connected to corporate network for more than 30 seconds. It was fine before the upgrade. I tried many of the "suggestions" on the apple help forums and eventually one worked. Deleting the SystemConfiguration preferences folder. Our Corporate IT has banned Yosemite upgrades because of this and a host of other issues that affect daily workflow, until further notice at least.    IMO OSX upgrades are...
I didn't. Read my subsequent clarification.
I see the larger 6 and 6 plus as a definite improvement. Samsung dominated the large form factor segment until now.
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