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Historically, your guess would be incorrect.
Tim, is that you? Glad to see you finally joined AI. Welcome.
Yes, that one, and almost every A# before it including the laggy and shitty ones in iPhone 3G and 3GS.
Show me some proof of that, that is not an unsubstantiated rumor. Last I read Samsung were selected for next generation A8 production.As much as you want to believe that Apple is moving away from Samsung, there is no evidence to support your case.
In this case Apple is giving More and More to Samsung as they are already providing components for the iPad. Your comment is meaningless. 
You are obviously unaware that Samsung make internal components for the iPad already....
I've been a google customer for quite a few years now. Can't say it's made my life any worse, quite the opposite in fact.
Tim's exact words were "the mix was something very different than we thought”.Not "a little different", not "somewhat different" but "very different". There's no misinterpretation here. We are speculating that TC meant missed sales expectations, you are speculating something else (what I have absolutely no idea), the burden of evidence is in favor of the former.
Am I concerned? No.
To me, that is a beautiful thing. I have a mixture of devices phone5 ,nexus 5, ipad and nexus 7. The apps I use most..Google SearchChromeGmailGoogle MapsGoogle Translate all work seamlessly across all devices (including on PC/Mac/Linux) 
New Posts  All Forums: