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 Hangouts does allow phone calls (free in US/Canada and 2c/min generally international), it allows screen sharing, picture sharing, chat etc etc. Not sure why people complain about having to create an account to use hangouts, skype requires that you create an account, as does facetime.. My experience with Skype has been very bad. My skype account was hacked once and a ton of calls were made to/from all sorts of east european/asian countries. I had my calling balance set...
 From the article linked above... Finally, to throw in a true desktop comparison for the fun of it, we also put NVIDIA’s Kepler based GTX 650 in the chart. Clockspeeds aside, the best case scenario for even GX6650 is that it achieves half the shading throughput as GTX 650. The ROP throughput gap on the other hand is narrower (but GTX 650 will easily have 2x the memory bandwidth) and the texture throughput gap is nearly 3x wider. In practice it would be difficult to imagine...
So it takes approximately $1000 of external hardware to control a $99 box. Nice!
Exactly, and an iPhone is a thousand dollar phone.
The collins Dictionary is pretty specific :-).... the numbers 2000--9999
Wouldn't "thousands" mean 2,000+, whereas 1,700 is "over a thousand"?
Stupid comparison. You could just as easily say Samsung sold more computers than apple and Microsoft partners combined.
These look like some pretty cool uses of GG The first app is the Moment Camera, an automatic camera that captures footage throughout the day without any user input.“Like a pro photographer, Moment tries to take photos of the people, places, and times you care about,” says the Moment Camera website. “Over time, you make Moment smarter by telling it how it’s doing.”Next up is Captioning on Glass, a companion app for Android devices that can transcribe voice into text. The...
It will be a long time before we get to level 5, fully autonomous. In the meantime there will be a driver in driverless cars and the driver will be expected to take control of the vehicle under certain situations.Driverless for now and for near future is a misnomer.
 This reminds me of all the people I see taking pictures/video with their tablets. It looks utterly stupid. Also, initially pretty much everyone thought people having conversations with their BT ear dongles looked/sounded ridiculous. It's pretty much accepted now.
New Posts  All Forums: