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I haven't found a store yet that accepts. Only found a vending machine at work that accepts. Works pretty well on the vending machine.
There is not a lot of difference in latest versions of Android. Maybe less or about the same as iOS.
Years ago, Comcast put us on an internet ban list for a year for exceeding 250 GB a month twice. We are a large household (2 actually) and we all are online and watch Netlfix.   So, I put Comcast on my ban list and FORTUNATELY Verizon laid down FIOS in our city. FIOS is awesome and way more reliable than cable.   Comcast should be put in its place by the government, but won't because they've bought Congress. If they had been the only internet provider...
Some people on Appleinsider forums should look up the definition of: 1) forum and 2) forum troll. The urban dictionary has some good definitions and examples. It was quite surprising.
More vociferous attacks on people? Where is theOk MacBook Pro - old non-Retina.MacBook Pro 13/15 - RetinaMacBook AirMacBook (New) - Non-Retina, but almost That does cause confusion though. MacBook (New) is really the new Air, but not the Air.MacBook Pro - I would not call a Pro in features. It's not Retina and it's an old model featurewise.Then there is the Pro - Retina Soon, the old Airs will go away and then we'll have MacBook?Then old MacBook goes away and we have (new)...
More vociferous attacks on people for their comments? Sometimes you see comments that are mild critiques and views of Apple, and yet, people feel like they are haters and trolls. Pretty funny.   Where is the thoughtful analysis and detailed counter-arguments? It feels like a schoolyard pushing and yelling contest around here, LOL.   Some people oversimplify what people say and then respond with attacks. Very interesting.
3 Lines.1. The old MacBook - Not Retina2. Retina MacBooks - Rentina3. MacBook Airs - Not Retina4. MacBook (new) - Looks or seems like a MacBook Air, not quite Retina So, is the Air going away? Is the MacBook going away? There's now a lot of overlap and confusion over what to buy. I would say get rid of the Air and keep the new MacBook. Also, get rid of the old non-Retina MacBook. These old lines confuse the  line. Just keep 1: new MacBook and 2: Retina MacBooks I think...
Steve really had the guts to do crazy stuff. Really crazy. The first iMac was an example of a company on the verge of bankruptcy and it comes out with a computer that was totally unlike anything else and had USB ports that hardly anyone was using. Or deciding to do away with their most popular iPod and going with a completely new one (less radical, but other companies would have kept the old and new models).   Steve was able to see things well and take a risk at going...
So maybe a modest basket of channels for a modest price. Maybe costlier than satellite?
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