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Cross-platform is the way to go. Like in "open." MS is doing this now. Google clearly does it. Only letting Apple hardware work with Apple products might not be a good idea. It's an old Microsoft way of thinking. Apple only went cross-platform with iTunes was due to the fact that they could sell more iPods. Now they can do what they like and don't seem worried if Android stuff doesn't work/mix with Apple stuff.
 The Chinese workers probably want to make a lot of money and they are in a feast or famine situation with the ramp up of new phones. I assume the BBC is judging from Western eyes where Westerners would not work that hard for long shifts. And same reason for finding underage workers. They want to make a buck and buy things and they won't make much money on the family farm. So, story is definitely one-sided. Unless there were any interviews? Or polls taken among the...
 You are right. They could buy Tesla or some other big company. Not sure how that would help, too much, although it would help in a way: Apple could spend billions on battery technology. They could also lower prices and take smaller margins. Sell more product so they could have better share of market outside of "rich" countries, like the US and Japan. Then, they would have less cash and wouldn't have too much trouble with the extra cash laying around. Well, it seems that...
It will be better, because it will cost $20 a month.   More expensive, means (or implies) better.   BOSE: Buy Overpriced Sound Experience
Even if they get it right, which I doubt they will, it will be half-@ssed (with 98% certainty), it won't go anywhere.  The leadership at Samsung as spoken: it has told it's phone division to simply copy what works.  At least Apple can wait and take other's ideas and do it right. They don't copy: 99% of the time they take an idea and make it great and well-loved and a money-maker. Shamesung: the opposite.
Really, everyone upset with their brokers/advisors/cousins/shoe shine boy: You should have bought Facebook when it was at $16 ($79 now), or Microsoft at $25 not too long ago (now around $46).   It doesn't matter what one person here thinks Apple stock is "really worth". Apple stock price is what people are willing to pay for it - today. That is what it is worth. Hopefully, people remember that you can't guess the price tomorrow. You are betting the price will go higher....
That would have sucked if Apple has blocked out all music services.    Being closed can easily hurt a company as people turn to other devices.   As it stands, I don't use any Apple services (that I can think of) because other services are much better.   Apple email used to blow (maybe it still does), so stopped using that. No cloud storage, so went elsewhere. Music: there are much better options out there as well. And so on.
 Compassion, dude. A lot of people are working hard and living hand to mouth. People are human beings and are not widgets.
Good to hear he avoided any photo op. Sounds like Cook wanted to appease and minimize the meeting. Cook has good intentions, of course, and I'm glad a "minority' is running Apple. He has compassion for others who face discrimination. Not sure if I fully agree that Apple is a magnet. As a corporation, I'm sure they carefully consider their actions like a carefully orchestrated Kabuki dance.
 Military people have other benefits, like free room and board (or cash allowances for such). Some live gloriously in California. Most military people will never be in harms way in any greater degree than any other job. Military people have it good in a lot of ways - they can sign up and instantly have a secure job and training and a good life with lots of travel and great experiences. Plus they get a guaranteed pension for life after 20 years of service, so you could...
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