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That should get the stock price up?
That is what @Connect is all about. Lol.
As much as I like Dre, hard to see how Apple is ahead of the game and forward thinking with acts that have been around for 30 years. Apple need to be generation agnostic.
MS really should have kept RT and kept developing it. Mobile OS and a laptop OS. They keep messing up in so many ways. Too many phone models that are too confusing in naming. Phones that won't run Windows 10 or be limited, creating confusion. Too ambitious with Win10 that it's taking "forever" to come out. Will miss this year's holiday season for Win10 phones? Also, MS should be creating basic, good apps. Also, issues with usability in particular for Win 8.1, despite how...
I loved when he said that. Under-promise, over-deliver. That's the Apple I miss. Let people experience the wonder of the product. 
Again, glad this is all simple for the everyday Joe
Glad to hear this is all simple and intuitive.
Very true. We see what happens to corps that get too big. Like Microsoft. Too complex and divided loyalties and interdependencies.Apple is spreading too thin with quantity over quality.
Dude too many bad experiences. Nice tries at discrediting people who don't have access to empirical data. How about yourself? Where is your data to refute? Please explain.
After rooting for Apple for 30 years, looking for the next underdog to undermine the entire industry and move on to the next great thing. The revolution has just begun.
New Posts  All Forums: