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Too late for this customer. I switched away from them after three years. They seem reactive and slow. Other cloud services have provided cheaper alternatives for some time.
 Chromebooks, you could say, are netbooks and they are here to stay. Some people get far more value out of a Chromebook than an iPad and at a lower cost. And in many cases, they don't compete, but can  be complementary. Also, your post seems to imply that the "iPad category" is monolithic. It's not. A lot of people use tablets for reading and watching movies. I know of many people who love their Kindles. It's a complex and varied world out there. Sure, iPads seem to pretty...
iCloud and Google docs work good for most people.
Chromebooks are cheaper and seem more appropriate for knowledge and learning. iPads are okay, or maybe have a mix and also see what students prefer.
Seems as share increases for Android, people get more and more defensive. If IDC is making up numbers or misreporting, or unfairly reporting, the same can be said for the comments in this thread that say, "well, but".   At the end of the day, Android, phones on par with the iPhone, are probably a good chunk of the percentages and are far above iOS.   Yes, I've used the crappy Samsung Android phones that are subpar, used one in Thailand, not on the same level in any way...
I'd love to give Microsoft the benefit of a doubt, but this has to be the biggest waste of money and just a vanity project.   I haven't read one good story about MS stores being populated with people, outside of luring people in for a store opening.   How many times do you read that someone always sees the local Apple store packed and only 3 or 4 people in the MS store? Well, MS does have deep pockets, so this is probably the biggest lost leader for them...
For school kids a chromebook is fine for learning. And far cheaper. You can do a lot more than what you stated. But going back to school a chromebook is fine. An iPad is fine too. Not pushing one or the other.
Chromebook sounds better. I use one as my primary computer and it's awesome.
Will have to bail soon if no app store. Need store for app to watch Thai TV (subscription service) and go to Roku. AppleTV is mostly a glorified Netflix box for us.
I've found problems with Google and Apple maps. However, I do use Google Maps first, then Apple. Well, yesterday I was trying to find the location for the office of my local utility company. I did a search on Google Maps and it found it. Apple maps did not find it. Why? Google makes a "guess" based on crowdsourced data. I don't think Apple does this. Apple maps has "strict" search so you have to be spot on with what you search. That's based on my experience and on what...
New Posts  All Forums: