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Slowly, but surely. With a focus on "slowly".   Their choice. With all of the money that mega-corp has, it could map the world like this in months. Bam.
Please, dual cameras for the DSLR effect.
No surprises. Samsung isn't really a company, per se. It's a conglomerate (chae-bol). I wouldn't be surprised if they made toilet paper and cat food. Half joking.
This is a niche product. It's not simple or appealing. Even if the Apple Watch stomps all others, I doubt it will have great traction.    I won't list the reasons why, just stating a prediction. I won't buy one after owning Apple products for a long time. They should have constrained the choices and colors and prices. And constrained the capabilities. Apple has always been about constraint. Not to be dogmatic, but how on early do you remember what this app and that app...
Need to put that into context. You can design things that you know people will want when they don't know it yet. It seems Tidal group didn't do this. They made something too expensive. They didn't meet the above criteria.
They built what they wanted.   They didn't build what a lot of people were willing to pay or use.   Listen to your customer. They are right always, even when they are wrong...
Didn't Cue say that they are "still" paying artists during free period? Why did he have to say it like that? Not a good way to phrase things.
It's like this for radio that stations, or anyone else, has to pay to play.
It seems like AppleTV is stuck going nowhere.
It's kind of sad to go by the mall and see the large Microsoft kiosk store void of customers. There's always some employees there trying to make the best of it.   The phone is probably dead man walking. If you read forums on the phone and Win10 it sounds like a mess. Too many phones with too many model numbers and no flagship phone. And a lot of features wont come to many of the phones. And there are stlll a lot of issues with Win10.    MS can do a lot of great things,...
New Posts  All Forums: