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The excitement is over for Apple...for now. I've followed Apple since 1980 with the Apple IIe.   The last decade - the Apple buzz was so strong. Steve J. created excitement. He was erratic and you never knew what he was going to do. I used to go to the Apple Stores all of the time, my kids excited, too. Waited with baited breath for keynote addresses.   Since Steve left, the buzz is gone. I rarely go to the Apple Store. I haven't watched a keynote in a couple of...
Although I'm far from being a Luddite (don't read paper books anymore, for instance), I still like to have a paper copy of my e-ticket. I don't know, maybe the phone might fail. It's just a backup measure and I don't want things to go wrong when I travel. I need that triple assurance.
It's wouldn't be expected to be treated as "low end". Mid-priced.   Anyway, most consumers don't do a lot of analysis and hang around rumor boards finding out what phone they want. They see a price and they grab it. Especially in  parts of the world that can't or won't spend $700 on a phone.
This may be a prototype for a mold. Yes, aluminum may be cheaper or about same price as plastic, but maybe if this is true, plastic would be poised as a "lesser" element compared to sleek aluminum.   Apple doesn't need the low-end, of course. They just need the middle and/or middle-class around the world who can't afford an iPhone now.   No reason to race to bottom. They do that now for laptops. Apple is doing pretty well by staying away from the low-end.
Things just change in life.   There will still be people out there taking great photos with dedicated cameras, such as DSLRs.   Speaking up for the iPhone, it can come in really handy (fast) when you need a quick shot and the other person is still pulling out and configuring their DLSR.   P
Not sure if it is overpriced. I don't have any qualms complaining about Apple, but my MacBook Pro of 2 years is still running like a champ. Cant' say the same for my work Dell with a battery that barely lasts 1/3 as long.   I think their prices are fair. I would expect at least half of laptop owners to upgrade to a new machine before the battery goes bad.
Yes, they are "hijacking" since they are innovating and getting something done.   I think the Apple innovation and buzz department was spun off to Google. Apple is now about silence and no buzz.   Many of my primary apps on my iPhone are Google apps. I use Chrome almost exclusively (sometimes use Firefox).   I use Apple's apps less and less.   This new tool is a great idea and I am looking forward to it.
Yes, and I've come to the conclusion Apple is just a corporation like any other, for the most part and will do what they can not to pay taxes. It would be antithetical to not do so.   That's why corporations need to be regulated and they are not "people." Corporations definitely don't care about a lot of things, but it's own survival.   Apple would get hammered by investors if it voluntarily took the opportunity to just go ahead and repatriate the income and pay taxes on...
You read my mind.   Wow, Apple store empty and Samsung store not. Apple is not as fast as they need to be. I look to Apple and Amazon for the cool, neat products with buzz. And I've always been a big Apple fan since 1980.
I understand your feelings, but think of Maps. Tim was unaware of how bad it was (for some of the visuals like bridges). Then he made a huge apology and basically said it was bad by telling everyone to go to the Apple Store and get some other map product.   My confidence has fallen with him. It appears the market has, too. As far as perception or whatever.   Maybe Tim is sweating now.   Guess who is making buzz like Steve Jobs? Google is. And they are making great products.
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