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Yes, I recall when in Thailand I borrowed a friend's Samsung Android phone. It was super low quality and a small screen and a total pain to use. Couldn't do 15% of what an iPhone can do. So, of course, not all Android phones are even comparable to Apple and many high-end Android phones.
Yep, and I googled for Skydrive pricing plans and all the hits were to others talking about Skydrive. Well, the first return on Skydrive was an MS site link, but it was a Skydrive FAQ, but no pricing information. I couldn't find it anywhere. I gave up. Isn't that wonderful?
Scoble of Scobilizer fame is saying his contacts at MS are shocked. He is shocked.   I get the impression that Sinofsky had his act together. This seems kind of sad.  
  That can't be. Some analysts have said that the stock will soar past $1000. Just wait. Just wait.
You mean copying cost? In addition to good design? Why even copy the clock? It's a busy looking image. No thanks.
Yes, pathetic.   You know, my daughter is in high school. She told me some people can't even read a clock. They are so used to digital.   Also, besides copying the design (which is total FAIL), it's too complicated. It should be simpler. Or something innovative and different.   Thankfully, Ive is in charge now and will turn things around.    Forstall is a bozo.   P
Good for MS. They know they need to go all out and carve out an ecosystem. Otherwise, they lose the future.   P
The world of computing should be very different in a few years. As we have seen in the last 15 years, things change tremendously.
Yes, I checked out the mini at the Apple Store and immediately loved it. Better than the original iPad? Since it is small and you can pretty much anything on it that you can on the regular iPad. And then lift up the regular iPad. It weighs a ton compared to the mini. If I didn't have my iPhone and MBP, I'd probably get one. The cellular version.
Great little analysis there. I played around with one at our university bookstore and I immediately fell in love with it. Like you said, the screen is better than iPad 2, wish it had retina. Will probably hold out until next fall for the retina, if mobile refreshes now all occur in the pre-Christmas season.
New Posts  All Forums: