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I can see your point, but of course, being better than the others doesn't necessarily better. Yeah, some people will hate most anything and be the worlds biggest critic. I think one of the best iPad ads in recent memory was the Facetime ads with families interacting with their other family members. Those were very powerful. It was people first and the technology was pretty much transparent. What is funny about the Facetime ads is that Skype and other services have been out...
 Agreed. First, a lot of people tune out a lot of flashing, noisy commercials. Second, you really don't get to see / understand what's going on with one or two apps. A lot of the "MTV generation" are older and have kids and they may tune out commercials that are too flashy and frenetic. Being subtle is probably more powerful and unconscious. Like Jobs would be subtle when demonstrating Mail on the iPad. He'd let that app speak for itself as he would interact with it. That...
Still a luxury item. $600 for an iPad Air 2 with Cellular for only 16 GB.   Apple is probably eating the cost of the sale.   It would not be surprising if they are forced to sell their base models in the future with 32 GB.    The upsell is too much to swallow.   Regardless of how good they are, based on those prices, a lot of people are not going to bite and settle for their iPhone 6/6+ and laptop. Unless they have the disposable income.   It should be...
Several years ago they were flying high as Circuit City was floundering across the street in our area.
What they need to do is like Google and crowdsource their data.
Google Maps is still a far better experience, at least on a MacBook using the Chrome browser. Just tried it out.    Apple has a pretty good trick there, but Google has them by a Cupertino mile.
You are supposed to see what you are flying over when you go to look at it before Maps sends you to the wrong destination. You won't be lost until you know what you looking for is not there. Then, while you are lost, you can relive what it WOULD have been like if you had actually found it with Apple Maps. Then you can go back to Google Maps, after slapping your forehead/face palm. Maybe also, you will think, well, the flyover was good enough, I don't need to go to the real...
Don't understand the uneducated responses here toward Chromebooks. Mine is about 2 years old and is pretty fast (faster than my 4 year old MacBook) due to SSD.
Yeah, I don't know if I'd characterize the competition as pathetic, but would say that Apple is freaking amazing in hardware.
Sounds like someone who is good with the BS and oblivious to it.
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