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The new interface is awful. A developer wrote an article on how many more steps there are to find an app.   Some designer was trying to be different and cute and forgot about users.
This is due to exploitation and Apple is contributing to it. What, only a couple of bucks or so go labor on iPhone?   Apple is turning out to be the most greediest company in history.   Apple customer since 1990...
Apple has lost its soul. It had no leader. It has spokespeople now for everything? Typical corporation. Been Apple customer and fan since 1980. iOS 6 is a mess. Partially refined and mistakenly refined. Maps is a joke. Not even beta but alpha. App Store: why break what was fine? Harder to find apps. And hiring the guy from Dixons is an antithesis to Apple retail. This is the way big corporations become without a strong leader. Apple is losing its footing Hopefully we...
Great article. This design stuff needs to go away. OS X is starting to look distracting and stupid. Especially to the young crowd who don't know what a card table is and cant relate to this or other design elements. Apple at least allow us to apply skins and turn the default crap off. Been using Macs since the Mac Plus.
I speak not of rules about being on private property. Architecture can be a statement about structures and their reflection and commentary about society.   Maybe SJ simply saw his building as a statement of completeness with himself. Could go back to his biological parents' abandonment of him. He was definitely driven by that abandonment and the new HQ could be his closure. It was the last thing he worked on, based on reports.
I think Steve and Apple jumped the shark with this building.   I feel the design says "keep out, you are in or you are out, and we are at the center of the universe."   The current campus design is friendly.   No wonder so many people are vociferously anti-Apple. Which is fine. Can't please everyone and Apple's passions are bound to irritate some, as they always have!   So, from a social and psychological standpoint, I don't feel they should build this...
I wouldn't lump Samsung's phone business with the rest of their businesses, which make everything under the sun. They are a conglomerate and they are very good at what they do with technology advancements.
Gene Munster has been pretty quietly lately about the Apple TVs he's talked about forever.
September is turning out to be a very exciting month for tablets and phones. The Christmas season will be like no other.  
Good points. I might add that the ads are for people who are not Apple users, but have heard a lot about Apple and are on the tipping point of buying. And its for people who are fair with computers and just need that nudge to take a step into an Apple Store. And people in their late 30s or older with disposable income. I bet that's a HUGE segment of people at that tipping point.   Go into an Apple Store today and you see these people who were or are still at that tipping...
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