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I disagree. Win 7 is pretty good. Maybe needs more polish all the way through, but its good and better than OS X in some ways. MS does get UI.   I just installed Win 8 on my MacBook Pro. I like the interface. I like the look. But it is tricky navigating around. They need to work on that, but otherwise, Win 8 is fine and is refreshing to look at instead of OS X from time to time.   Apple is very slow to adapt. Look at iOS. So slow. Google is running circles around Apple...
Tim Cook is going to ask for a tax amnesty day so they don't have to pay taxes bringing their profits back to US.
Not US citizen, so doesn't have to disclose.
People don't expect Apple to grow as much, or their fast growth feels like old news. Or Android taking over by a large amount. Who knows.    I'm glad I didn't buy into the hype. Buy, buy, buy!!!   Who knows. Psychology is a hard thing to understand.   Could be the fiscal cliff and all of that psychobabble. Fear.   Apple went down more than most?
From what I've read, Apple only pays 2% in corporate taxes outside the US. And they want tax AMNESTY on all those billions made overseas.   Most of their billions are overseas because they would have to pay taxes.
I was expecting an action thriller a la Bond.
Yes, I recall when in Thailand I borrowed a friend's Samsung Android phone. It was super low quality and a small screen and a total pain to use. Couldn't do 15% of what an iPhone can do. So, of course, not all Android phones are even comparable to Apple and many high-end Android phones.
Yep, and I googled for Skydrive pricing plans and all the hits were to others talking about Skydrive. Well, the first return on Skydrive was an MS site link, but it was a Skydrive FAQ, but no pricing information. I couldn't find it anywhere. I gave up. Isn't that wonderful?
Scoble of Scobilizer fame is saying his contacts at MS are shocked. He is shocked.   I get the impression that Sinofsky had his act together. This seems kind of sad.  
  That can't be. Some analysts have said that the stock will soar past $1000. Just wait. Just wait.
New Posts  All Forums: