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Too bad the company doesn't have a 3-year warranty on all hardware considering the price that is paid.
Conversely, Apple Watch is not compatible with Android, so better or easier resell of Pebble when you upgrade?
I don't feel Apple is competing with Android anymore. It's Apple competing against itself. It needs better products to get people to upgrade.   Android hardware makers compete against each other for the scraps in profits.   Google is competing against - no one for the phone market. They own most of the smartphone market. Let's admit it. And their revenue stream is different from Apple.   This is not Google against Apple, anymore, at least. It's not that simple. Just...
Corporations seem to grapple with core competencies. Do you want your IT in-house or outsourced? Advantages to either. Security guards? I'd prefer company-hired guards, but whatever.
It was to get Flash running on the iWatch. Get it? ha ha.
Samsung Pay is supposed to be far better than ApplePay because they have a way to make it secure AND let it work at non-NFC terminals.   Sounds like a good thing for Samsung. That's a big deal. There are many stores that we shop that don't have NFC and don't plan to do so for the immediate future. The only thing I have found for NFC is a vending machine at work???
Which confirms out of your sample size that no problems exist. Check.
Search is still broken.
I guess I'll be a troll too.iPhone 6+ - screen rotation sticks and you have to close app and rotate phone and launch app again. Also springboard from locked screen often doesn't work. Want a quick picture to take? You might miss it because you have to unlock phone and launch camera app. Goes for wanting to use flashlight as well. Also Podcast app doesn't update in background over wifi still. Other than that it's pretty good. Enough to be super annoying when your locked...
New Posts  All Forums: