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Google Maps is still a far better experience, at least on a MacBook using the Chrome browser. Just tried it out.    Apple has a pretty good trick there, but Google has them by a Cupertino mile.
You are supposed to see what you are flying over when you go to look at it before Maps sends you to the wrong destination. You won't be lost until you know what you looking for is not there. Then, while you are lost, you can relive what it WOULD have been like if you had actually found it with Apple Maps. Then you can go back to Google Maps, after slapping your forehead/face palm. Maybe also, you will think, well, the flyover was good enough, I don't need to go to the real...
Don't understand the uneducated responses here toward Chromebooks. Mine is about 2 years old and is pretty fast (faster than my 4 year old MacBook) due to SSD.
Yeah, I don't know if I'd characterize the competition as pathetic, but would say that Apple is freaking amazing in hardware.
Sounds like someone who is good with the BS and oblivious to it.
   It would be nice to see a third competitor. A three horse race is better than two. Some people won't consider Windows phone because they don't have Google apps. That's a deal killer. Windows phone looks dead in China. Which is a big market. Too bad India is not mentioned. It's probably like China - mostly Android. Windows phone is unique.
Where is the investigation? Something doesn't smell right...I'm sure about this.   /s
Did you type this and everything you do on an iOS device? I'm proud of you. I asked my teenage daughter and she said use the right tool for the job. Some need a laptop (e.g. Chromebook) and others would prefer an iPad for the task at hand.
 Sales don't matter in the aggregate to me, but my own sale. There is a video service I want to get, but you can only get it on an open (non-Apple) box. Why Apple doesn't open it up...probably to protect sales of other whatever products. I do love the Nexflix interface. It looks HORRID on my Sony Blu-Ray and Amazon Instant is in the land of crap for UI. Apple has it nailed, but they need to allow video channel apps or something to be bought in a TV app store. 
 Apple is not going to come out with a sub-$500 laptop, even if it was an iPad. The iPad could have been a pretty awesome $500 laptop, but it would upset their pricing applecart, so to speak. Their structure would be a mess. That is why the iPad is crippled and doesn't have ports like other tablets. Apple wants a crippled laptop-likeish device below their $900 computers. They say you can have a $900 laptop or you can have a crippled device for $500. I don't mean to be...
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