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Interesting post.  People can tell me I'm wrong, but I "feel" that Apple is tinkering, experimenting, and toying around with these services. About 10 years ago a friend said that Apple had its loyal users as guinea pigs because they will put up with anything. Well, now the mass market is buying Apple and they really can't be confusing people. I gave up on iCloud because of the history of Mobile Me and all of the other stuff in between. You get numb after awhile. Currently,...
As for watches I'd be fine with a low energy e-ink like display that fed me email and other notifications from my phone along with an about to slide screen to check weather and some news. At least if you could get a months battery life. And a wireless charging pad to set phone when going to bed.
Maybe the higher the number the more stocks go down. People will buy if they feel there will be growth. Higher numbers could mean to some people that apple has hit the apex. It's of course psychology. I bought into a Vanguard energy fund. After it went down by a lot due to energy prices. It will go up. Wait until oil doubles again. There is no guarantee but oil is a finite resource and what goes down in price goes back up. I'm down now but no one knows where the bottoms...
Good points. Good and bad either way of buying a new model or getting the 'S'. We've typically gotten the 'S' models, but this time had to get the iPhone 6+ and not wait. 
True, but I don't use Google phones, so don't care, myself.  We can live with an ugly icon. Also, Apple use to have the best desktop wallpapers. MS smokes them in that department. The Apple ones - most of them - are really lame. Jobs likely personally chose the ones that looked great and now that he's gone, they forgot to find a champion for that.
A single laptop model in their line with one port is just fine. Their other machines can have all of the other ports. People will have a choice of what computer to buy. I rarely ever use ports on my MacBook Pro. They are not really useful most of the time and for a lot of people.  
Doing any statistics by states is only good for presidential elections.   Otherwise, kind of dumb.   It is interesting, though, that Alaska is big on iPhones.
Apple is a bit of a one-hit wonder, like a lot of companies. Apple is good at taking something we use and putting a chip and OS in it. They basically only make different computers in different form factors.] We should see some amazing refinements down the road. Lighter, roll up or fold up phones, better cameras, etc.
That's what I was thinking recently. Sounds like it. And iPad Pro sounds dumb as a mass market device. Unless it's like the Slate.
Hopefully fall is not too late for Win10. It might win on the desktop, but the tablet could end up very much a niche and the phone could be on life support. Hopefully, they can pull it off. They are going to have a lot of back hoeing to do.  It will be interesting to know if you buy an app on Win10 PC that your license is extended to your phone. At the MS kiosk/store at the mall, people were all asking about W10. Everyone wanted to avoid W8/8.1.
New Posts  All Forums: