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There was a loud buzz created before every Apple event, in addition to product announcement events. There was more of a feeling of greater discreteness before. Whatever the case, we all expected a different company post-Jobs.
I miss the old days when Apple created incredible buzz and let the product speak for itself.   Today, it feels like they have to say, "hey, this is so cool, this is so neat." And be so self-congratulatory.
Wow, wonder what percentage of people will upgrade to the new watch. 
Too bad this can't be done with satellites. Unless it is street view like Google. I guess it helps to know specifically how this will help. Especially with how much things change for businesses and roads and the such.
Will need a button on the back for taking better selfies
Spotify and the others have great services. No reason why everyone needs or would want to go through Apple for everything.   Also, do we want one corporation being the jack of all trades? We all know what happens when corporations get too big. There's a case to be made for being smaller and more focused.   Apple has the curse of having to grow even when they are so big. Just like any other large company. But when you are so big...
Does it track fake orgasms? Just curious.
Personal? You mean like alone? By oneself?
And then the app was quickly banned from the App Store for violating...
What do they mean by "your"? Deep in the terms of service, could they sell "aggregated" data? And if so, how much granularity is there. Devil is in the details. 
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