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Good for you. Buffet shows his proof that "non-managed" index funds beat "managed" index funds at least 80% of the time: http://www.amazon.com/Little-Book-Common-Sense-Investing/dp/0470102101 Sure, if you are good at reading balance sheets, then great, and good for you to make a lot of money. But even fund managers fail at least 80% of the time. Or at least their funds do.  Buffet didn't see the world falling off a cliff a few years ago. He's good, but not perfect. Who...
Side note: Buffet is not a normal investor. He's the guy who said that if he's gone, then his wife's funds will be 90/10 S&P500/bond funds. Most everyone can't take that risk, but if he's widow has 50B in funds or whatever, no sweat off her back. I don't know why he's so concentrated in a few stock funds. Has he said why? Buffet has teams of people who do his research. He's not out there himself shaking down companies. He's doing due diligence. Really, you can compare...
Thanks, I was expecting this kind of response.  No need to say more.
Yes,    They should have noted that it was filmed (and edited on an iPad).     Also, disjointed. It should have all been done by the "man", then said "written and directed by Martin S."   Or whatever.
You missed my point. Nevermind. I don't study balance sheets. I don't have the time nor the expertise. Some of us are not fixated on "wall street". We buy and hold, choosing low-cost index funds. We know that it's not safe to buy any one stock or be heavily invested in one or a handful (although Buffet is doing that).  Over the long run, buying individual stocks is not a wise move. And it is a waste of time. At least for 99% of the population.
Your definition is your own and ill defined. A car these days are computers. Esp electric.
Dude, you think you know everything? You freaking never know. Tell me, what happens when there is a black swan event? What happens when your stock goes down 40%? The market is not logical. Nor is it logical. It's often based on sentiment. That goes up and it goes down. It's so tiresome for people to think they have everything figured out. Anyway, hope you are diversified for the RISK you are wiling to take. If not, you will learn.  I assume you are heavily in Apple stock....
Yes it is all about the stock. Anything that helps the stock price.
They will build a Shuffle car. Cheap. No interface but one button to pause and start. You will control the car with your iPhone. Self driving. There. Affordable.
Apple is cursed for having the disruptive business model. They are expected to be disruptive. What will they do after the watch? Maybe the are forced to do a car.
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