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Yes, I'm fine with where the Netflix icon is. It's easy to find. May have to go in this evening and start hiding icons.
Yay, another icon to hide.   We generally just use Netflix so leave the icons as they exist that are there now. Luckily, Netflix is staying near the top left corner on the main AppleTV screen.   Yes, the interface is a bit dated. Would be nice to have a list view and a way to click a box to the right of the channel and hide it.   It would be nice to also be able to segregate free vs cable/pd channels. There are new channels added and it is not always clear what is...
There is a lot to like about Win 8. If it was more intuitive, that would be great, but otherwise a very nice OS. And Win 10 will fix that to be a blend of Win 7 & Metro. I would have considered a Win phone, but in the end, did not. Hopefully, Win 10 phone will be very compelling and people will see it as a viable/better option, either to iOS or to Android.We should all be fanboys of innovation and competition. Having one company monopolize does no one any favor. Or duopoly.
That was a given.
The device, and I will bet $1, will be a very minimalist device for a specific market. If it has one port, fine. For a lot of people, if that is the case. Yes, more ports are useful, but if they can do an Apple-like-thing and make it very minimal, great. it will be fine for a good chunk of the population who *don't care* if it has 10 ports or 3. The question is, how often do 50% of the population use their ports? Like the old DVD/CD drive question.  Hopefully, Apple is...
Seems to me Ahrendts is riding the coat-tails of former activity. Great to see that Apple isn't pushing one image, but is adaptable. 
Interesting post.  People can tell me I'm wrong, but I "feel" that Apple is tinkering, experimenting, and toying around with these services. About 10 years ago a friend said that Apple had its loyal users as guinea pigs because they will put up with anything. Well, now the mass market is buying Apple and they really can't be confusing people. I gave up on iCloud because of the history of Mobile Me and all of the other stuff in between. You get numb after awhile. Currently,...
As for watches I'd be fine with a low energy e-ink like display that fed me email and other notifications from my phone along with an about to slide screen to check weather and some news. At least if you could get a months battery life. And a wireless charging pad to set phone when going to bed.
Maybe the higher the number the more stocks go down. People will buy if they feel there will be growth. Higher numbers could mean to some people that apple has hit the apex. It's of course psychology. I bought into a Vanguard energy fund. After it went down by a lot due to energy prices. It will go up. Wait until oil doubles again. There is no guarantee but oil is a finite resource and what goes down in price goes back up. I'm down now but no one knows where the bottoms...
Good points. Good and bad either way of buying a new model or getting the 'S'. We've typically gotten the 'S' models, but this time had to get the iPhone 6+ and not wait. 
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