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Will have to bail soon if no app store. Need store for app to watch Thai TV (subscription service) and go to Roku. AppleTV is mostly a glorified Netflix box for us.
I've found problems with Google and Apple maps. However, I do use Google Maps first, then Apple. Well, yesterday I was trying to find the location for the office of my local utility company. I did a search on Google Maps and it found it. Apple maps did not find it. Why? Google makes a "guess" based on crowdsourced data. I don't think Apple does this. Apple maps has "strict" search so you have to be spot on with what you search. That's based on my experience and on what...
What's your definition of winning? That's the key. Basic market share seems to be the answer here.  You don't need to be 90% of the market to be winning. What about profits? What about potential growth? But, if MS has "won" at 90% share, who really cares? It's the mobile space and profits that matter. Many tools are moving to the web. Platform doesn't matter often. As I mentioned in an earlier post, most of our household is iPhone only. We do have one MacBook and a...
And maybe it is because people are just not buying computers as much. In our house of four iPhones, we hardly use our computers. Once a month to update music on phones, and that is about it. Daughter has a MacBook Pro, but will go weeks without using it. I use a Chromebook and borrow her computer one a month for music synching. Wife and stepdaughter only use iPhones and no computers.  People are just not using computers very much anymore. It is surprising that companies...
This type of thing seems to be her behavior. Have a look:   http://fortune.com/2013/08/14/the-curious-case-of-apple-ebook-judge-denise-cote/   "Here’s a sample of what lawyers who have appeared before her — writing anonymously for obvious reasons — have posted: Judge Cote has a bubbly style but it masks an inclination toward pre judging issues, including deciding early on who the good guy is and who the bad guy is and ruling accordingly. Judge Cote predetermines...
The Chromebooks are great. I use one everyday. Cheap and good. Good for schools. Most students don't need a MacBook Air/Pro.
  I only have a certificate in GIS (Geographical Information Systems). Mapping accurately is hard, especially when your data comes from multiple sources. There is not a right or wrong to all of this. I only wished that Apple had waited to come out with something a little better. Maps was fine when Apple built the interface on top of Google Maps. I wish Apple
Apple has billions of dollars and they should spend that on their own street view feature.
Although I have found Apple Maps to be accurate and Google Maps to be inaccurate in two cases, I still use Google Maps.   I like Street View. Also, for Thailand, Google Maps is mature and Apple Maps is a joke.   Apple should stick to its core competencies. They should not be in the map business. Mapping is not an easy thing to do.
I've been using Apple products since the Apple II. I'm not a troll and I will call it like it is.Safari is bleh...Chrome is way better.In IOS 8 will we be able to set Chrome or other browser as a default? Safari is bleh on iOS also. Worse, even.
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