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There are terrestrial stations now that don't have DJs and mostly only play music. They are fine to listen to. The fewer the better.
 That is why music services give people the options. I don't mind an ad every once in awhile to break up the constant music. And terrestrial radio as well: most are ad-supported and some are sponsor-supported. If hundreds of millions were willing to pay, why are they not paying Spotify or the others? That would be a lot of money. Most people don't pay and don't want to and are willing (and do) put up with commercials on streaming radio.
Ad-supported can work. It has worked for terrestrial radio for decades.   If they are not making money now, then there are not enough ads.
How do you know I feed and bathe myself? That's a big assumption.Anyway, nothing wrong with forming an opinion, stating it, and defending it with facts. Except here.
I'm just giving my honest feedback based on what' I've seen as a potential customer. I've owned every Apple product, except the Apple I, and including the Newton and the eMate 300, MacSE - almost every laptop and iMac, all iPhones (except the first) and most all iPods.   Anyway, the watch user guide is 96 pages long. https://manuals.info.apple.com/MANUALS/1000/MA1708/en_US/apple_watch_user_guide.pdf   I'm not trying to raise a ruckus. I'd love to own one, but I'd...
Why? Just curious.
Amazing how complex this can get. Designed by engineers, but not for the average person. How many people will just stick to the default?   It's been said before, Steve J. thought the original interface for the iPod was was too complicated and he said he wanted users to be able to get to a song from the top level in 3 clicks. If he hadn't been around, maybe we'd have an iPod with 5 clicks? With undue complexity?   I don't mean to get into a "Steve J. would have never...
This is a pretty big deal, if you have seen it in action. I was on a bus one time and the blind guy next to me pulled out his iPhone and was navigating all over on his phone checking this and that and so on. It was pretty amazing to see. He said himself it was pretty amazing.
Apple is becoming all things to all people? Jack of all trades?   May be hard to keep that focus and there are issues where departments within corporations cause issues for other departments. Also, innovation may slow because one group is waiting for dependencies on another group. Or one group impedes the other. This clearly happened at MS, but that is changing now with new leadership (and no other option).   However, on search, since it is so lucrative for customer...
The Fed, with cheap interest rates, have been supporting this corporate welfare of low rates, while screwing over people who are retired and hold bonds and does not promote saving.    
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