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 Apples just limited for a lot of users, and that's their business. They have their limited iCloud strategy (which is well behind everybody else) and that's their business model. Just shows that MS is a powerhouse at getting stuff done (that's different than getting it right). People should use what they like.Forums should be a dialogue to discuss the positives and negatives of technology and other topics. I see people on Appleinsider feel they are "objective" and are...
Some points to your feedback:1. I want a HD in the cloud. I want to dump whatever there, like books, and be able to access them (via GoodReader). I want a file system view like Google Drive.2. How do I access my iCloud photos from a Chromebook? Oh, I can't?3. I just logged into iCloud. It says my browser isn't fully supported.4. you don't know how I use Picasa. I use it in conjunction with other programs and it works perfect for me. And not locked into iPhoto's library...
Google and MS are vastly better than Apple iCloud. I can share folders with G-Drive. Can you do that on iCloud? No.I can save any kind of document on G-drive. Can you do that with iCloud? No.Google Picassa is far better that iPhoto. It doesn't import or mess with my photos and put them in its own library. What happened it Image Capture on Mac? Oh, yeah, its gone.Google also add much more storage for free (although I have 100 GB)I can use G-Drive on my Mac and Chromebook....
I don't understand why there is a settings section where you go to set the settings for all of your apps. It should be in the apps. For instance, in photos, there should be a setting right there that lets you toggle "Backup Photos". Settings is a mess, a disaster as a UI for users. 
iCloud is confusing. I stopped using it and use the vastly simpler OneDrive and Google Drive.
Trees don't do anything. They just make dark, unsafe places for animals. Animals get scared there.
Wow. With this and Apple Pay and big phones and record profits...will people forget Steve Jobs?   This is pretty amazing what they are doing. And the government is on board with Apple Pay? Nuts. Really nuts.   Who would have thought.   I was skeptical, but not feel Apple will rule the universe.   Maybe they can do a buyout of MS to save that company in a few years, LOL.
Maybe innovator's curse. Their stock is valued on how they can innovate as it is expected. Not just sales.   They need to have something in the pipeline always to tease people.
It's a Ruse. It's an expensive trick to get Samsung started in their car, then they will stop the "project" and watch Samsung burn through all of their cash to come out with a mediocre product.
It would be nice if apple had some real competition to force it to reduce margins and be forced to sell product at lower prices. The net profits are insane. Always have been. Lol.
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