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Fear not. The Apple logo will be built into the taillights...
How convenient.
Thanks. I was providing a real-world example on how being cross-platform can be a boon to a company and a great strategy. Until cross-platform service solutions came along, I had personally only used Apple products since 1990 (aside from using PCs for work). The hardware and OS are becoming less important in a lot of ways. Of course, some people don't mind being on one platform only out of personal, choice, ideology, bias, or ignorance. Anyway, an Apple-only world is kind...
If anyone has the resources (money) to get into this business...it would be Apple. As we know, electric cars are far less complex than traditional cars. Apple is certainly in the cat bird seat.
From experience, I believe these cross-platform solutions are done to bring awareness to other platforms.   Because Google is cross-platform, I use their services now with my phone. This prompted me to buy a Chromebook, which I like a lot.   Additionally, Live.com and Office 365 in any browser, along with OneDrive, has shown me how the MS world has changed. I just bought a Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet that runs Windows 8.1 and it's a really nice device. Windows 8.1 is great...
I don't have cable, but when I have seen him here and there on the net, he seems pretty entertaining, but can't take him serious. He's guessing the market like everyone else, and maybe more wrong than right! Treated as entertainment only, and his show is fine. 
A TV is nothing but a box to stream content. Big whoop. A box and a remote. What else could there be? The rest is interface.   And then you have to deal with all of the content providers.   I think Netflix "cracked it", more or less (it could have better features) by becoming a producer and a content provider and leaving the hardware to others.   And TVs do not seem to be a high margin product and a hassle. And people don't upgrade them too often. Not like phones or...
Maybe they want a gradual roll-out? Supply issues? Early adopters as guinea pigs in a sense? I'd hope their entire MacBook line is eventually simplified a bit. These machines are pretty jaw-dropping. Apple innovation is leaving other manufacturers in the dust.  
I consider the new MacBook to be revolutionary rather than evolutionary. Or at least someplace in between. The size of the logic board is insane. Compare that to an older MacBook. Apple went nuts here with innovation. Although Dell has come out with a nice machine, now they realize they need to step up their game.
You always seem to miss the points and just attack people for their perspectives and insights.
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