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Do we know for sure or will we know for sure when or if there is a big correction? Just curious. I would like to have real proof. China is said to have been in a bubble but is growing around th world like crazy. Much of me feels we are in a long term bull market.
I think they will have to stay focused. Already the products and categories are growing. And services. Hard to be all things to all people. What's next? Space exploration to compete with Musk? I'm half-kidding. Not a criticism of Apple or anyone. Question is: where do you stop? What is your scope before you become so watered down. Microsoft is all over the place and this has maybe been a problem in the past. Food for thought.
We are saving at least $100 a month over AT&T (which I loathe beyond words). Service has been fine. In our office, signal not great, but neither is Verizon. (As a side note: If AT&T could actually come out with plans that are not smoke and mirrors, I'd consider them. They are so mega-corp it's beyond words to describe. We tried to see what our bill would be by going through our corporate discount page and it was a nightmare maze and we gave up.)
How much for the nickel tour? Does it actually cost a nickel?
 And all those people out in public taking pictures with their phones and things?  That is creepy. And disgusting. Cameras should have auto-blur and auto-pixelation built in.
It's annoying not to at least see a 100 GB / $1.99 a month option:   iCloud 5GB- Free 20GB- $0.99 per month 200GB- $3.99 per month 1TB- $9.99 per month   It's like 20GB is not enough for a lot of people, but 100 GB might be more than enough for a lot of people. It's not that hard to go over 20GB after awhile.   Anyway, just an observation from a potential customer.
Maybe a good time for Apple to jump straight to iPhone 7 name, rather than have any Samsung 6S/S6 confusion.
I was just going to say that. Or call their phone the Iephone.
I thougAgree 100%.
A quick search (Google) shows that the Apple iCloud outages happen at least once a month.   Not sure how serious they have been or how they compare to other services.
New Posts  All Forums: