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Old farts have money.
Rationalizing are we? Glad you are right about everything.
And thinner and remove almost all of the ports? The new machine looks pretty incredible, but problems: Now need expensive dongle for ports and only one port. And keyboard not all that great compared to earlier models. The obsession with thinness continues. And the product line is getting crazy. Apple used to be about simplicity. Made it easy to make a choice. Now we have so many laptop models and overlap here and there and dozens of watch combinations with straps. Oh...
For those with discerning tastes and money left over after they have paid for a watch that costs more than what a lot of people pay for a laptop.
 Nothing wrong with having provocative ideas. I see where Benny is coming from. I personally see a LOT of problems with the iWatch and it may not sell. Am I wrong? No, because the product hasn't been released and tried by the public. Am I right? No, and for the same reason. I won't go into the reasons for why the watch may have problems selling. I would love to buy one, but for the price, its a no-go. If I was single and didn't have dependents and all that goes along with...
The corporation makes enough money that they don't need to go fishing for more money.    Steve did bring in iAd, but I seriously doubt that he would go as far to sell/share customer data.    Anyway, hopefully, this does not happen. 
Waiting for the iRing. Then the iImplant.And why would you leave your phone at home?
It doesn't matter. Perception is everything. Also It has everything to do with Apple Pay. If you use Apple Pay fraud can occur.
I wish they'd joined forces with Casio and had a way for the phone to transmit messages to the watch.   The current iWatch sounds like it's too much of an extension of the iPhone with limited battery. But as someone said, we'd like a watch that kept people from watching (pun) their phones all day, then just transit messages. Well, whatever, keep the watch as limited as possible (an Apple trait) and keep the battery l life L-O-N-G. My Casio watch as like a 10 year...
You can say I'm wrong all day long, but my feeling:   The iPads (we have bought 2) have been a total gouge of customers. The fact that to go from 16 to 32 GB costs 33% more than the cost of the base model is crazy. Then add the 4G.   We bought an iPad 1 refurbished that I used for school. It was used out of "need" more or less. We picked up an iPad mini 1 for $199. That was the magic price point on an iPad that doesn't have a good displace and is non-retina and a lousy...
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