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I was just going to say that. Or call their phone the Iephone.
I thougAgree 100%.
A quick search (Google) shows that the Apple iCloud outages happen at least once a month.   Not sure how serious they have been or how they compare to other services.
The content providers want to be in control. Why would they give that up? And Apple is unlikely to do what they want. A lot of money involved and power. And everyone has to be happy. Good luck. It's going to take time. Maybe just a smaller channel package at a lesser cost? Why should they even bother.
Hopefully, at WWDC they will announce increased free and paid, lower-cost storage. Consumers will go to where something is cheaper and provides the same value. Storage can/should be treated like a loss-leader item. It's an enticement. And I see Apple as a hardware-software-services company. Anyway, it's just easier to sign up with someone else. Annoying, but we vote with our $$$. Storage is insanely cheap now.   Obviously, a few people are going to be annoyed when they...
I hope on tablets, you can have 100% full tablet view. Right now you have a mix of tablet view (VERY nice) and desktop view. When you got to settings, sometimes you end up on the desktop view. With a tablet (7"-8"), it's a little tricky to change settings.   I hope they have made it a little more simpler, but overall 8.1 is okay.   I tried to download Win 10 preview, but the downloads all failed (about 2 months ago).   The other big issue is that services like Google...
Apple is getting spanked on services.
Make the rich more rich.
Gets pretty tiresome to read some PC people say not to buy Apple because you can't repair them or upgrade them and you can get something much cheaper.   They completely ignore PCs that cost the same, or often more, than an Apple computer.
Pretty amazing, considering history.
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