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I feel that Samsung insults everyone - the general consumer. You don't portray any consumer or customer in an ad a dolt. It may work for some people, but overall I feel it generally is a negative overall than a positive.
Refurbished is the way to go for us. For instance, we picked up a refurbished Polk Audio sound bar, from eBay I believe, for less than half of the regular online price. Also, it wasn't one of the newest versions, so it was like one-third the price. There are great deals out there all of the time. Just have to go fishing.
The Costco one may not be the same as the one online or in the store. I have heard in the past that this is the case for some tvs.
If that's the case, then they decided to not have people on site to monitor through the process? Maybe they did and had seen ahead of time that the plant was not going to produce.
Seems like Apple had an "ugly app icon" contest when they chose the icon for this app.   Also, the icon also looks like a folder with only one item in it.
The GT people seem like total amateurs totally out of their league. They didn't even know how to manage their workforce. Articles talking about no one knew who they were reporting too and didn't have work to do, but sweep. Sounds like the people running the company were more focused on short term (selling stock) than running a tight ship. They didn't have their act together. Shame on Apple for not keeping an eye on such an important component for phones? Who knows. Maybe,...
Big companies can put all of the responsibility on small companies. Not sure about trust (due diligence). If a supplier fails by causing the big company' product to fail, the big company can point at supplier. Put the responsibility on the  supplier to perform. 
Sounds like embarrassing statements they are making. Novices, it sounds like. If their claims are not true, and they do not, then they are wasting their breaths by making these claims.   Sure, Apple is tough, but they wouldn't be so tough that no one would work with them. 
I'm sure Apple will work with whoever has the best tech/tools/resources and at the best price. I'm sure they would like to move away from Samsung, but cost and skill will come first. I'm sure that's how Apple sees itself winning. No need to worry about lame-o copycats.
Probably nothing they can do. Foxconn is what makes the world go around in the tech gadget world. It is pretty crappy to carbon copy the iPad.I like what Carl Icahn recently said: He expects a correction in the next 3-5 years, but no one knows. Also, the S&P 500 could go up 1000 points before correcting.  So it could go up 30% before falling. You never know. No one knows. People are saying we are in a 20 year bull run (like early 80s to 2000). So you buy for the long run...
New Posts  All Forums: