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MS's only problem now is Google apps. Doesn't seem Google will ever develop for Windows.   Maybe some people don't care, but a lot do.
Google needs to cut Apple some slack.   Apple is still trying to figure out after 6 months why search is broken in iOS and trying to come up with non-hideously looking icons for the Health and Voice Memos apps.   Among other things...
  What movie is this? Low budget "Evil Dorks from Space"? How embarrassing. I bet these guys went out and got drunk after this and tried to forget what MS Marketing told them to do. LOL.
I believe it wasn't too long ago that Apple didn't sell more than a million Macs a year.    Then it was 2 million a year.   Then 2 million a quarter.   Now we might soon see 2 million Macs a month.   No one talks about this. It's all about the phone.   Oh, yeah, Apple stocks could fall because Apple is too dependent on iPhone for sales. That's what some people think.
Probably both. It's a good time to buy energy stocks/funds. Eventually, they will go up. Why would you want to buy Apple when it may be getting harder and harder to increase their sales/profits by a higher percentage? Of course, no one knows when Apple will peak on sales and they will probably go up for some time, but I can't see huge growth anymore. Apple has done a lot already. Phenomenal products and sales, stock split and dividends and buy backs. iPad is...
I really enjoyed the article. It playfully took jabs at MS and pointed out things I'd missed, part of it due to not watching the 2 hour 20 minute presentation. Glad he brought up things to tie it all together, like reminding us of things we didn't like it the past in regards to MS. MS is out of ideas at the moment, or the structure in place at MS is not allowing fresh ideas to be implemented. New MS same as the old MS. Marketing must have been putting pressure on the tech...
Let's also remember t mo offers free music streaming for a lot of services.
Looking at it by state is the most useless stat. County would work. States are artificial constructs of people. Counties are too but are small enough that they represent urban areas. Oh well.
They haThey have an impressive strategy with windows 10. They just need developers to really support it and it could really turn things around. They are just so far behind.
Windows 10 looks really impressive. Looks like they really got their act together. Now they can go from a failing mobile platform to something that people will consider. What a win for developers. Hope it works out for them. So current phone users might need a new phone. Don't know. MS has fooled people like myself repeatedly. Whenever they come out with something that seems great it has a big flaw and is a fail. Do they have it together this time? They always miss the...
New Posts  All Forums: