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My phone was bricked after the "small" update. Luckily, I was at home and connected to iTunes. Sucks.
My phone was bricked after the "small" update.   Luckily, I was at home and connected to iTunes. Sucks.
I loved that Steve J. never really looked back on things too much.   Why is this the 30th anniversary of the Mac that started everything? Didn't it start with the the first Apple computer?   Anyway, let's all stop talking about past (TIM COOK) and just stop talking and cranking stuff out.   Push the boundaries.   I was always surprised and amazed by what Steve did (allowed to happen). Just push the boundaries.   Fix Mavericks Fix iOS 7   Fix crap and stop...
Fix your F'ing software. Stop talking about how great you are. Really. What the F.   Been an Apple follower since the 70s.    Stop talking and stop doing.   For some reason, I can't use Calendar App on MacBook. WHY?    Says "Access to account not permitted."   Tim, STFU and start delivering. Apple software is sucking ass.   And I'm educated with a masters degree.   But I need to vent my frustration.
 Apple sucks balls. Okay? I've been following Apple and using their products since 1979. I have major problems with one MacBook working with AppleTV and the other. Also, have problems playing DVDs though AppleTV. And AppleTV being slow with Youtube. I could go on. Tim, wake the F up and get your software division waked the F' up. Also, I OS 7 looks like crap. Owner of Apple TV, 3 MacBooks, 5 iPhones, and an Apple Ipad Mini.
 (Before people jump on me: I've been using Apple products since the 1970s and I am articulate. Ha.) Tim, Please wake up and shut up and put pressure on software group. Hardware is top notch. But why do I have issues with calendar app? Access not permitted? I can't even use it at all. FIX.  FIX Mavericks and stop stalking about how great everything is. Tim reads hundreds of emails everyday? He needs to get on people's asses and get shi1t fixed.
The excitement is over for Apple...for now. I've followed Apple since 1980 with the Apple IIe.   The last decade - the Apple buzz was so strong. Steve J. created excitement. He was erratic and you never knew what he was going to do. I used to go to the Apple Stores all of the time, my kids excited, too. Waited with baited breath for keynote addresses.   Since Steve left, the buzz is gone. I rarely go to the Apple Store. I haven't watched a keynote in a couple of...
Although I'm far from being a Luddite (don't read paper books anymore, for instance), I still like to have a paper copy of my e-ticket. I don't know, maybe the phone might fail. It's just a backup measure and I don't want things to go wrong when I travel. I need that triple assurance.
It's wouldn't be expected to be treated as "low end". Mid-priced.   Anyway, most consumers don't do a lot of analysis and hang around rumor boards finding out what phone they want. They see a price and they grab it. Especially in  parts of the world that can't or won't spend $700 on a phone.
This may be a prototype for a mold. Yes, aluminum may be cheaper or about same price as plastic, but maybe if this is true, plastic would be poised as a "lesser" element compared to sleek aluminum.   Apple doesn't need the low-end, of course. They just need the middle and/or middle-class around the world who can't afford an iPhone now.   No reason to race to bottom. They do that now for laptops. Apple is doing pretty well by staying away from the low-end.
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