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Trees don't do anything. They just make dark, unsafe places for animals. Animals get scared there.
Wow. With this and Apple Pay and big phones and record profits...will people forget Steve Jobs?   This is pretty amazing what they are doing. And the government is on board with Apple Pay? Nuts. Really nuts.   Who would have thought.   I was skeptical, but not feel Apple will rule the universe.   Maybe they can do a buyout of MS to save that company in a few years, LOL.
Maybe innovator's curse. Their stock is valued on how they can innovate as it is expected. Not just sales.   They need to have something in the pipeline always to tease people.
It's a Ruse. It's an expensive trick to get Samsung started in their car, then they will stop the "project" and watch Samsung burn through all of their cash to come out with a mediocre product.
It would be nice if apple had some real competition to force it to reduce margins and be forced to sell product at lower prices. The net profits are insane. Always have been. Lol.
If you had the App Store then you could hook up apple tv to an monitor and have a $100 computer.It would be like the chrome box. Because of the massive loss in revenue I don't think we will ever see that come to pass.Apple will become more and more protective of profits and eventually turn into another Microsoft. They are halfway there being proprietary.
Yes, Dell seems to be getting its mojo since going private. I saw these machines and why get virtualization, except for convenience of one machine, when you can have a cheap, albeit slow (compared to MacBook Pro), dedicated PC. The HP Stream is pretty nice. Tried one at a MS Kiosk store in a mall. It is not a speed demon and does not have a touch screen, but for $199...a steal. I like Windows 8.1 in many ways (and not - in many ways, but not that bad once you are familiar...
1. If the battery lasted for a week (or a month - gasp!)2. If it ran untethered (without the need for an iPhone)3. If it ran tethered (to other platforms like Android)4. If it had many heath sensors and became the IT device for the medical field and people who need medical monitoring5. If it had a lot of killer apps that would simply not be feasible on a phone (whatever those would be)6. If it had build-in GPS and could be used for marathons or so on.7. If it was built to...
Good. I'm about ready to buy a FireTV. The ATV is nothing more than a glorified Netflix box cluttered with a dated and lame interface.   At least the FireTV has games and other apps you can add through their store.    ATV is worse than stale.   OHHHHH, Gene Munster is predicting? Okay, nix waiting for a new ATV. Or a more open platform with games. Rumor just lost its credibility - if it had any to begin with.
I didn't give any number. I'm not against a bet. I was going to be $1.  Apple will sell a lot. I have no doubt about  that. Especially the first year. My point is that it will be a niche product. 10 million a year is still a niche. After that it will drop. If you think people don't upgrade iPads that much, wait until the watch. The iPad at least provides a ton of value for the price. Sadly, the watch will not. Again, for $349 and up to have an extended screen (with some...
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