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What is really irritating is that the channel icons are just in a dumping ground. We only use Netflix and YouTube (oops, not anymore). If Netflix wasn't so elegant looking on our ATV, I'd get rid of it, as we can access NetFlix via our Blu-Ray player. Maybe Apple can create folders for some channels? Like ones for 1) Free (with ads), 2) Subscription, 3) Cable.
Well, indeed I do own a Timex. How did you know? I paid $25 for it and it works great.Complexity and being smart are two different things. Remember how simple the iPad is? One button to go home. A computer that is intuitive from the moment a person of any age picks it up? Well, the "iWatch" has way too many steps and instructions. Was it Gruber (or someone else) who said it took them 3 painful days to learn their watch. Just talking for me: if I was running Apple, I'd make...
Best watch in their own category. Which is easy since they define the category.
Most of them look the same. LOL.
Way too much complexity for most people. This is over the top. Whatever turns some people on. There is always the pebble.
iPad is maybe not so expensive. But they are out of the price range for most people. They ca. Get two pcs or chromebooks for the price of an iPad
Call me a troll, but this just seems so overly complicated and complex. Wish Apple would have stuck with more on the Pebble level. That is, you control everything from the watch. Yes, the watch would be limited, but that's not such a bad thing. The iPad is limited and people can use them the first time pretty intuitively.   Yes, it is my feeling that Steve J. would have kept the whole thing simple (and limited). Apple has always been about "limited" as opposed to a...
Japan just doesn't want any immigration or foreigners. There are plenty of people in other countries that will work for nothing. And a lot of them are young.
You could probably multiply their estimates by 200% and easily be pretty close to total cost - including R/D.   Once the automated manufacturing starts and Apple squeezes its suppliers mercilessly like other big corporations, the money will be flying in the door.
iPad is fine for movies and reading PDFs and eBooks. It seems people, when they have the choice, usually gravitate to their phones for web surfing and so on. And for movies and books and magazines, it's an expensive device. It's surprising that Google and MS have not done more to capture a good part of this market. Unfortunately, the apps are lackluster on the whole. Not all of the hardware is bad. Dell makes good hardware, but the software (OS and apps) come up short (at...
New Posts  All Forums: