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This watch may be just fine for a lot of people.   An Apple watch could lead to distraction, like the smartphones, only more so.   Today, I forgot my iPhone leaving the house this morning. Haven't had it all day. I only twice went to reach for it to do some web research, and realized it was gone.   Nice not to have it as a distraction during the day.   Who needs a $349+ watch that's an extension of their iPhones? Not everyone and not a lot of people, I'm sure.
And funny my coworker, who just turned 50 on Thursday, said, "Wow, did you hear about the great U2 deal with iTunes?" I was like, yeah. (I'm 50, too). Like someone said, people should have been allowed to buy any album they liked. Maybe Apple has the demographics down of the generation that grew up with U2 and now has the disposable income with kids moving away and house getting paid off and salary up there...and buying Apple products....
iLocket   iRing   iGlasses   iBelt   iShoe   Apple Bike   Apple Toaster   Apple TV (Gene Munster Edition)   Apple is a company that creates hardware and software for things: computers, music players, laptops, tablets, watches.   That's about all they do....and that's meant in a positive way.
Steve jobs could talk grandly, but he also was very low key when showing off products. He let the products speak for themselves, and acted with his so-called humility and humbleness (we know he didn't have it during keynotes, but acted as best he could). I'd prefer low-key and let the product and specs speak for themselves. Yes, of course, Jobs talked about how great the products were, but stopped there without grandstanding too much and showed off the cool features. There...
Upgrade fatigue...   Sad that wifi calling won't work on current iPhones. That's probably planned obsolescence. I recall my brother using an old Android phone with Android "siri" and asking Google where the nearest pizza place was. At the time, you couldn't get Siri unless you upgraded your phone. Lame-o.   I think Apple needs to cool its heels on charging as much as they can at an unreasonable level...   Market share will tell. Recent rumor about the iPads going for...
Some pretty nice features (didn't watch the keynote, but followed on twitter and read some site articles), but:   1. Seems to make life more complicated. As much as technology helps and frees its, I feel it tangles and eats up as much time as it helps - part of it having to do with having to be up to speed with others. Also, before we read newspapers, now we are online even more reading. And having more accessibility to things like libraries and GPS maps can just eat up...
It will come across as greed by Apple out to make every nickel and as much as they can get from people - which is business. But Apple will be perceived as ripping people off. My feeling is Apple is greedy and really only selling to the mid-high to high end customers. And its apparent in their market share. So be it. Not so thrilled with the new phones, aside from the cameras which are a little better. Will wait for the 6S at least.
I could see it happening: 1) in anticipation of future NFC devices in the US and 2) to cover those in other countries that do use it and 3) it might be cheap enough to just have it in there as part of an integrated chip, so why leave it out if it's being used at least a lot in other countries.
 So rigged such as when that one girl said, "Samsung makes the best screens", or something to that effect. 
Is iCloud a backup cloud service? Dropbox really isn't. Dropbox is really intended for workgroups who work on shared files. Need to do more research. Amazon S3 and Glacier are definitely backup services. So if you delete on your computer, you are not deleting on the cloud. They are two separate entities. The bad about Dropbox, you delete from your designated Dropbox folder, you delete your "backup" (not really a backup).
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