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Sounds like embarrassing statements they are making. Novices, it sounds like. If their claims are not true, and they do not, then they are wasting their breaths by making these claims.   Sure, Apple is tough, but they wouldn't be so tough that no one would work with them. 
I'm sure Apple will work with whoever has the best tech/tools/resources and at the best price. I'm sure they would like to move away from Samsung, but cost and skill will come first. I'm sure that's how Apple sees itself winning. No need to worry about lame-o copycats.
Probably nothing they can do. Foxconn is what makes the world go around in the tech gadget world. It is pretty crappy to carbon copy the iPad.I like what Carl Icahn recently said: He expects a correction in the next 3-5 years, but no one knows. Also, the S&P 500 could go up 1000 points before correcting.  So it could go up 30% before falling. You never know. No one knows. People are saying we are in a 20 year bull run (like early 80s to 2000). So you buy for the long run...
We all have to remember that the whole market could drop 30% or so at any time. The market has not corrected since 2008. The fed QE and interest rates of 0% have made a market that is not normal. It's a bit of a repeat in behavior after 2001 and we know how 2008 turned out. People are wetting themselves over Apple stock. It doesn't operate in a vacuum. A black swan event could happen today or next month or in 3 years. Hopefully people are diversified with a risk they...
 You mean before, so the rest of us can shop in peace?
 A lot of people would prefer a device that comes close to at least mimicking a DSLR in imagery in a phone over a true DSLR. DSLRs are awesome, but nothing is as awesome as a phone in your pocket. When we visited Europe last winter, we opted to use our iPhones over our Canon cameras. It was way too convenient and you had to worry less about someone taking your device, because it was in your pocket and not strapped over your shoulder - especially in Paris.'I have loved all...
And technological advances seem to be exploding on the scene. Anything is possible. http://corephotonics.com/technologies/computational-photography/
Take my money. Phones are the future of cameras for most people most of the time. DSL-like will seal the deal. Can't wait.
The whole market is up, so of course Apple is up.   Apple could go down in a correction.   Ok, cool, keep your Apple stock. Hopefully, no one is betting on one horse!
It's all risk and stock holders choose what risk they want. You can't be rational about the stock market in a lot of aspects.   Carl Icahn was just saying yesterday that there will be a correction in the next 3-5 years, but he said he doesn't know. He said it could be tomorrow or in three days.   No one really knows where things will head and that is especially for Apple.   No sour grapes here. Happy with 401k in index funds at a risk level I'm willing to...
New Posts  All Forums: