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I can see why they'd do it. The people that really want to see it will pay for it. Also, get a few people together to chip in for watching. Or even two. Interesting marketing move and great to have options. We have a literal stack of movie tickets sitting at home that I got from work for little awards. We just don't go to theater. When I did, it was Sunday morning when there is only a handful of people going. My 18 year old doesn't even go. The 16 year old either....
Intentional leak, very likely.
That would be awesome if the said, hey, we improved battery life and we got the price down to $249. Maybe sell at 8% margin and kill everyone else making smart watches.  Probably not, but if they got it down to $299, I'd consider one. Kind of the magic price point.
The 6S will really have to have some stunning features to sell well.    Anyone know how well the "S" models sold as compares to the "non-S" models?   I've always bought the "S" model, but went with the 6+ and will probably get the 6S and upgrade every year now. But most people don't do that.   Again, my view is that it's not Apple vs Android. It's Apple vs. Apple - since they OWN the high-end market in profits.    It must be hard to compete against yourself, rather...
The watch stays on all day if you are just checking the time. LOL.
 I feel the watch may really become a niche device for sure. It's like the Apple Newton: a great good/idea not ready due to a limit in technological advances (battery). Battery life is unacceptable for a lot of people. Unless it provides wireless charging and you can put it on a mat and let it charge, giving the illusion that it doesn't need charging.
I guess you don't use an iPhone 6+. That phone is a beast as far as battery life goes.
It should become clear to everyone that the iPad was designed in part to be both very easy to use (which it is) and severely handicapped so as to protect Apple's margins and laptop market. You can't blame them.    However, if they want to sell iPads to schools, you would think that infrastructure of iPad management in institutions would be mature and simple. Schools must not bring in much revenue due to discounts?   Nonetheless, with IBM as a partner for iPads in...
Word on the street is that Google Chromebooks are very easy to manage for institutions like schools while Apple's iPad solution is a royal pain to manage - such as updates and adding apps. On top of that is the lack of multiple user log-in on iPad.And once you get an iPad, you need a keyboard and probably a case for the two components.   They probably would have sold a lot more iPads if not for this shortsightedness.   Our school district, which covers several cities...
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